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treatment technology Archives - Cubex

New EEG research proves Oticon Opn S helps the brain organise sound.

A study conducted by Oticon using a new research method, EEG, has produced conclusive results […]

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Widex Evoke RIC 10 – Hearing Has Evolved!

The latest technological innovation from Widex, EVOKE™ is the first hearing aid to feature advanced […]

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Hearing Conversation with Saima

Welcome to Hearing Conversation with Saima! Written by Cubex Senior Audiologist, Dr Saima Rajasingam (pictured), […]

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Cubex Weekly Tip // The Hearing Lab

THIS WEEK’S TIP: THE HEARING LAB Hearing aids are sophisticated, small, electronic devices that are […]

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THIS WEEK’S TIP: BRUSH, DISINFECT, DEHUMIDIFY On this week’s TIP we introduce you to Cubex […]

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How sound therapy can help to relieve tinnitus

Tinnitus is a sound only heard by the individual experiencing it and is commonly described […]

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Study reveals ‘severity’ of tinnitus can be related to emotional processing

A recent study at the University of Illinois has looked further into the experience of tinnitus starting with […]

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Feel Brain Fit

Book your Brain Training Introduction Session and receive 6 months brain fitness coaching with our […]

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Introducing the NEW Alta2 hearing aid from Oticon

SOUND IS ONE THING. MAKING SENSE IS EVERYTHING. Delivering what the brain needs… A great […]

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