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Cubex Weekly TIP – Hearing & Cognition

THIS WEEK’S TIP: HEARING & COGNITION This week Adam Shulberg talks about the relationship between […]

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Pulsatile tinnitus: causes and treatments

Tinnitus is a perception of sounds that is generated by the nervous system of the […]

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The benefits of yoga and meditation on brain health

Yoga and meditation have been proven by a number of studies to both physically and […]

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We invite you to test drive HyperSound Clear™ at Cubex

Before integrating any new and innovative technology in the Cubex portfolio, we prefer to invite […]

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Cubex ‘Brain Power’ Yoga at Studio by The Detox Kitchen

The Detox Kitchen creates delicious meals that are free from toxin, wheat, refined sugar and […]

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Tinnitus in Musicians – Protect Your Hearing

Exposure to loud noise can lead to hearing loss and Tinnitus, a ringing sound experienced […]

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Hearing loss treatment can help you to stay socially connected and live longer!

A recent study looking to understand life longevity has identified social connectivity as an important […]

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Brain Waves in Older Adults Compound Hearing Problems

Researchers at the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany, have discovered […]

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Even A Few Years Of Music Training Benefits The Brain

Music has a remarkable ability to affect and manipulate how we feel. Simply listening to […]

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Connecting Hearing Loss with Healthy Ageing Agenda

Frank Lin’s ongoing research at John Hopkins University has shed light on how hearing loss, […]

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