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Cubex Weekly TIP – Open Vs Closed Hearing Solutions

THIS WEEK’S TIP:OPEN VS CLOSED HEARING SOLUTIONS Hearing aids are highly sophisticated pieces of wearable […]

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Cubex Weekly TIP – Don’t stick cotton buds in your ears!

THIS WEEK’S TIP: DON’T STICK EARBUDS IN YOUR EAR! In this week’s TIP Senior Audiologist […]

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Meditation tips for beginners

Every day we apply cognitive energy to navigate through our auditory world, especially when living […]

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How Cognitive Function is vital to the field of Audiology

We are excited to share our recent interview with The Marylebone Journal. Deputy Editor, Viel […]

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Is there a connection between diet and hearing loss?

We regularly share brain boosting recipes and yoga tips for revitalising a weary brain, but […]

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Time & Talk

On average, people with hearing loss wait almost 10 years before they do something about […]

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