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Types of hearing sensitivities

There is a range of hearing sensitivities which people experience, often with symptoms which sound […]

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How high stress levels can lead to hearing loss

Stress is generally viewed as something that is unhealthy. However, not all stress is bad, […]

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Hearing Healthcare Workshop – Learn how to improve your hearing health and well-being

Learn how to take control of your hearing health and your life in this 2 […]

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Communication tips for the festive season

During the festive season, people tend to find themselves in busy, noisy and distracting environments […]

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Aged Veterans with Tinnitus Research Project

The British Tinnitus Association are currently contributing to a research project exploring the impact of […]

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Why mindfulness and meditation is good for tinnitus and hearing loss?

You don’t have to go very far to see that lifestyle practices like mindfulness and […]

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Widex EVOKE™ – The Worlds First Machine-Learning Hearing Aid

Widex have announced the launch of Widex EVOKE™, the latest technological innovation from Widex, the […]

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Cubex Weekly TIP – When is it too early to take action?

THIS WEEK’S TIP: WHEN IS IT TOO EARLY TO TAKE ACTION? This week Senior Audiologist […]

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Cubex Weekly TIP – Hearing & Cognition

THIS WEEK’S TIP: HEARING & COGNITION This week Adam Shulberg talks about the relationship between […]

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Pulsatile tinnitus: causes and treatments

Tinnitus is a perception of sounds that is generated by the nervous system of the […]

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