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In Hear&Now

By Rosie Williams

The link between untreated hearing loss, cognitive decline & dementia

On 29, Oct 2018 | In Hear&Now | By Rosie Williams

Readers may remember an international study in the Lancet, reporting that one in three cases of dementia can be prevented if more people looked after their cognitive health throughout their lives.

In the study, middle-aged hearing loss was identified as a major risk to developing dementia. Hearing loss denies people access to cognitively rich environments and can lead to social isolation and depression, leading to a higher risk of cognitive decline.

The study identified that 35% of the risk factors associated with dementia were modifiable, the most prominent being hearing loss which was responsible for 9% of the acceleration of the onset of dementia.

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Adam Shulberg presented at Just Breathe London’s Grand Gathering at the Shangri La

On 18, Sep 2017 | In Clinical Mindfulness | By Jerusha Shulberg

At the last Just Breathe London Grand Gathering, Mr Adam Shulberg, Managing Director and Senior Audiologist from Cubex spoke about hearing, cognition and the health precautions we should all consider now to ensure our long term cognitive well-being.

Cubex recently started the UK’s first Mindfulness Based Auditory Cognitive Treatment Pathway to support individuals experiencing reduced hearing ability, tinnitus and cognitive fatigue. In addition to bringing mindfulness into the clinical environment we also partnered with the UK’s first Modern Mindfulness & Mass Meditation community, Just Breathe London to create a space to breath & positively affect the cultural fabric and cognitive health of our city. It provides a place for community, connection & culture with the vision to create an oasis of space amidst London’s hustle and bustle.

At each event real world relevance of a mindful way of living is shared. At each and every Grand Gathering, our community of experts in the medical, health & well being sector share some wise words.

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In News

By Cubex Concierge

How Cognitive Function is vital to the field of Audiology

On 29, Aug 2017 | In News | By Cubex Concierge

We are excited to share our recent interview with The Marylebone Journal. Deputy Editor, Viel Richardson caught up with Cubex Audiologist, Jerusha Shulberg to talk about cognitive function and the reasons why it is vital to understand its role in audiology especially when treating hearing loss.

As there is currently no way to completely restore a persons hearing when they experience a sensory neural hearing loss, hearing technology is used as a means to deliver sound to the brain, but sometimes, patients may still find it difficult to navigate their auditory world and to communicate with ease. This is where understanding the cognitive component becomes crucial.

As Cubex Audiologists, we are mindful that in order for us to be able help individuals make positive lifestyle changes we need to build a cognitive reserve, improve hearing and strengthen the ability to communicate.

It is vital to understand not simply what you are hearing, but also how well you process the complex information our brain receives from our surroundings and so we have developed a relaxed and innovative way to truly understand a persons hearing ability and unique cognitive skill sets. This approach allows us to provide our patients with a real awareness of their current state of living and enables us to provide the best possible support and the greatest improvement in their communication skills.

Read the full article on The Marylebone Journal or get in touch with us to find out more.

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Nine lifestyle changes that can reduce dementia risk, including treating your hearing loss.

On 27, Jul 2017 | In Arts & Lifestyle | By Jerusha Shulberg

According to an international study in the Lancet, one in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more people looked after their brain health throughout life.

It is currently estimated that 47 million people are living with Dementia at the moment. By 2050, This number could reach 131 million people globally.

The study explores the lifestyle factors that play a major role in reducing the risk of dementia and examines the benefits of building a “cognitive reserve”, which means strengthening the brain’s networks so it can continue to function in later life despite damage.

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In News

By Jerusha Shulberg

Which will it be? Dementia, or hearing better than a normal-hearing person

On 24, Feb 2015 | In News | By Jerusha Shulberg

In my work, I keep track of technology developments across a variety of fields to try to better anticipate what the future might be like (especially for media and news). Since getting hearing aids about a year and a half ago, and becoming a contributor to this blog, I’ve (of course) included advancements in hearing technology as well as hearing medicine and research to my scanning routine.

Lately, there’s been a lot of activity in the “hearing” space, both positive and worrying. (Since I am, for the most part, a technology optimist, I believe — and hope — that a positive hearing future is more likely.)

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In Professional News

By Sam

Connecting Hearing Loss with Healthy Ageing Agenda

On 19, Jun 2014 | In Professional News | By Sam

Frank Lin’s ongoing research at John Hopkins University has shed light on how hearing loss, cognitive functioning, and ageing relate to each other.

Lin shared his public health perspective on hearing loss and ageing at our recent series on Vision 2020: Creating a Future for Hearing Health Care.

In his presentation, Lin explains how hearing loss can contribute to increased cognitive load on the brain, changed brain structure, and social isolation in older adults. Combined, these three health pathways can lead to decreased cognitive and physical functioning in older adults.

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