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cognitive load Archives - Cubex

New EEG research proves Oticon Opn S helps the brain organise sound.

A study conducted by Oticon using a new research method, EEG, has produced conclusive results […]

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TED Talk – How does your hearing work?

We love this short TED talk briefly explaining how our hearing works, with simple animation. […]

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How high stress levels can lead to hearing loss

Stress is generally viewed as something that is unhealthy. However, not all stress is bad, […]

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A guide to managing brain health and cognitive health

Cambridge Brain Sciences recently shared an interesting and useful white paper with us called ‘Keeping […]

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Learn to Meditate Course – Meditation for Modern Living

  MEDITATION IS DIFFICULT   The truth is, it isn’t! It’s actually quite easy. What […]

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The Psychology of Tinnitus

We talk about tinnitus a lot and that is because tinnitus is one of the […]

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Introducing the CALM programme at Cubex

  We are very excited to be the first Audiological practice to create and launch […]

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Dizziness and Inner Ear Disorders – Invitation to participate in a Vestibular research study.

What happens to our mental capabilities and our composure when we become dizzy or disorientated? […]

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Adam Shulberg presented at Just Breathe London’s Grand Gathering at the Shangri La

At the last Just Breathe London Grand Gathering, Mr Adam Shulberg, Managing Director and Senior […]

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Researchers use pupillometry to measure listening effort for the first time

Oticon and the Eriksholm Research Centre have been able to measure the level of stress […]

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