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Isolation, Hearing Loss & Cognitive Health with Adam and Jerusha Shulberg

With social distancing becoming a common term this year, it has forced many of us […]

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Invitation to take part in a study with Dr Saima Rajasingam and fellow UCL researchers at Cubex

Computer-based speech-in-noise training for hearing aid users We are looking for people to participate in […]

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Cubex pushing forward the limits – An interview, by Dr Douglas L Beck for the Hearing Review.

In a recent article written by Dr Douglas L. Beck Au.D.for the leading publication in […]

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Speaker Announcement – Cubex Dinner & Discussion at La Fromagerie, 14th May 2019

We are counting down the days until our Spring Dinner & Discussion at La Fromagerie […]

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Join Cubex for an evening of dinner & professional discussion

Join Cubex for an evening of dinner & professional discussion at La Fromagerie Marylebone with […]

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A guide to managing brain health and cognitive health

Cambridge Brain Sciences recently shared an interesting and useful white paper with us called ‘Keeping […]

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Hearing Conversation with Saima

Welcome to Hearing Conversation with Saima! Written by Cubex Senior Audiologist, Dr Saima Rajasingam (pictured), […]

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Cubex Weekly TIP // You CAN live well with tinnitus!

THIS WEEK’S TIP:YOU CAN LIVE WELL WITH TINNITUS! It’s always daunting for people to hear […]

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The link between untreated hearing loss, cognitive decline & dementia

Readers may remember an international study in the Lancet, reporting that one in three cases […]

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Cubex Weekly TIP // Hearing aids help us preserve memories and slows down cognitive decline.

On this week’s TIP, Adam Shulberg, discusses a recent study which demonstrates that hearing aid […]

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