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By Cubex Concierge


On 24, May 2019 | In Events, News | By Cubex Concierge

Last week we hosted an evening of dinner and professional discussion at La Fromagerie.

It was wonderful to be part of a gathering of so many health professionals including, Otologists, Psychologists, Neurologists and General Practitioners. We sat together to explore and learn about the links between cognitive neuroscience, otology and audiology so that we can better serve the health and wellbeing of our patients.

Thank you Adam & Jerusha for organising such a most interesting and stimulating evening.

– Mr David Garfield Davies, Consultant ENT Surgeon

So many thanks to all of you at Cubex, for a splendid evening & great conversation. Clearly, you had put such a lot of thought and time into preparing the most interesting talks and forward-thinking discussions. A feast for the mind and the body!

– Mrs Elspeth Morley, Psychotherapist

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In News

By Jerusha Shulberg

Speaker Announcement – Cubex Dinner & Discussion at La Fromagerie, 14th May 2019

On 07, May 2019 | In News | By Jerusha Shulberg

We are counting down the days until our Spring Dinner & Discussion at La Fromagerie Marylebone.
DATE: 14th May 2019
We have a fantastic line up of speakers on the evening including our very own balance and facial rehabilitation specialist, Mr Jeremy Corcoran.

Jeremy is a Doctoral Researcher and Clinical Specialised Physiotherapist at Cubex & Guy’s & St Thomas’, and he will be discussing his research on the Effects of Balance Disorders on Higher Cognition during the evening.

As a highly specialised Audiology practice, the team at Cubex provide person-centred care in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders and we cannot wait to hear more about Jeremy’s latest research.
If you are a medical health care professional and would like to join the discussion reserve your seat here.



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In News

By Jerusha Shulberg

Dizziness and Inner Ear Disorders – Invitation to participate in a Vestibular research study.

On 09, Oct 2017 | In News | By Jerusha Shulberg

What happens to our mental capabilities and our composure when we become dizzy or disorientated?

Cubex Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Mr Jeremy Corcoran is currently involved in a study that explores if and how some of our mental capabilities (particularly our spatial reasoning abilities) and our composure (the balance of our autonomic nervous system) are affected by dizziness caused by mismatching visual and vestibular signals. Mr Corcoran has already completed two large studies which have looked into this. For scientific robustness, he is completing another study in this area to see if he can replicate his previous results once again.

If you are interested, and have not previously suffered with dizziness, we would like to invite you to take part in the study. We will measure your problem-solving capabilities and your fight-or-flight response while you are spun around in a motorised chair built by the Royal Air Force.

Before you decide, we would like you to understand why the research is being done and what it would involve for you. The study has been fully approved by the University of Westminster. Please take your time to read the following information carefully and discuss it with friends, family and your GP if you wish. We would be happy to go through the information sheet with you and answer any questions you have. Ask us if there is anything that is not clear.
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