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Yoga and Mindfulness for Brain Health


Brain Power Yoga is now flowing at Cubex!

Yoga and mindfulness based cognitive therapy is generally practiced as a means of improving mental, emotional, cognitive and physical health and it is accessible to just about everybody. At Cubex, it is used to help you reduce the negative psychological and cognitive effects of hearing loss and other audiological conditions. If appropriate for your individual needs it can be recommended as part of hearing loss, balance disorders and tinnitus treatment plans. Yoga and mindfulness at Cubex is also accessible to anyone who simply wants to learn how to slow down, clear the ‘mental-clutter’, achieve stillness and a calmer state of mind – essential for contributing to a healthy and happy brain.

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You are always completely safe at Cubex

We are pleased to be offering in depth, face-to-face clinical care when it is necessary and safe to do so.