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Phonak Roger™ – Hear Better in Challenging Listening Situations

Despite today’s hearing aid technology doing a fantastic job of improving speech understanding, it still has some limitations when listening in a noisy environment or listening over a distance.  In these scenarios, wireless microphones can be really helpful to boost hearing ability. 

This is where the Phonak Roger™ comes in, a range of digital wireless microphones and receivers which can be used at work or at home to enable simple listening in noisy backgrounds or over a distance, and to help bridge the understanding gap.




How does Phonak Roger work?

The Phonak Roger™ portfolio makes use of MultiBeam technology – an innovative technology which uses microphones in six directions to calculate and compare sound in a 360 degree radius.  The technology then chooses the sound with the best signal-to-noise ratio to automatically select it and transmit it to the receiver. The processing complexity is ten times greater than the previous technology in the Phonak Table Mic and with a third less power consumption. 

The Roger™ Microphone, when placed in the centre of a table, can automatically select the person who is talking and switch from one speaker to another. The sound is then wirelessly transmitted to the receiver, making the listener feel part of the whole conversation. Where there are multiple conversations taking place, the wearer can seamlessly select the conversation they want to focus on with a manual touch. 

Switching between speakers is seamless for the listener; the end of a sentence will still be audible even if a new speaker starts before the previous speaker has finished, maintaining the continuity of conversation for the listener. 





What is in the Roger range?

The Phonak Roger™ portfolio has a range of digital wireless microphones and receivers that pick up the voice of a speaker and transmit it to the listener, whilst reducing background noise. The Roger™ receivers are compatible with many existing hearing aids, cochlear implants and sound processors, making Roger™ a useful piece of technology to add to your personal toolkit alongside your existing technology. 

  • phonak roger microphones and receivers

    Phonak Roger Microphones

    Roger™ Mic II

    Designed for working adults participating in various meetings. The Mic II is designed to cover multiple speakers in a large environment, with a range of options to filter out quiet or loud background noise. With a long battery life of 16 hours, the Roger Table Mic II will easily last a full working day and fits in discreetly amongst your other meeting equipment. 

    Roger Select

    The Roger Select  is another versatile microphone ideal for noisy background environments, and ideal to place in the center of a table or to clip onto a speaker. With the Select, you can choose the speaker you want to focus on and even use its wideband Bluetooth for phone calls, streaming from TV’s, music players, laptops and more. 

    Roger Pen

    The Roger™ Pen is a handy portable microphone, designed to work conveniently over both distance and noise, with built-in wideband Bluetooth for phone calls. 

    Roger EasyPen

    The Roger™ EasyPen is an even simpler portable microphone with just two buttons – the full Roger™ experience with a simple, portable design. 

    Roger Clip-On Mic

    The Roger™ Clip-On Mic is a small directional microphone, designed for one-on-one conversations so you can focus on your conversation with your partner. 

  • phonak roger microphones and receivers

    Roger design-integrated receivers

    These Roger™ receivers are designed to click onto Phonak hearing aids. They are also available for cochlear implants from advanced bionics, cochlear and MED-EL.  

    Roger X

    The Roger™ X is a miniature receiver compatible with many behind-the-ear hearing aids, cochlear implants and sound processors.

    Roger MyLink

    The Roger™ MyLink is a round-the-neck loop, compatible with any hearing aid or cochlear implant with a telecoil.


Try Phonak Rogerin London

Cubex are pleased to have obtained Roger Certified Status, one of the only handful of independent businesses in the UK to do so. As one of the only certified suppliers in London, we are inviting new and existing patients to try Phonak Roger™ as part of their existing hearing technology. 


phonak roger sitting at table


This new and innovative portfolio from Phonak is promised to bridge the understanding gap often left by existing hearing aids in noisy environments or over long distances.

To learn more or to experience Phonak Roger™ microphones and receivers, get in touch with us at Cubex to arrange a consultation.


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