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Ear Hygiene and Wax Removal

cubex ear wax removal spring offer

The production of ear wax is a completely natural occurrence. However, if left to accumulate over time, ear wax can become impacted and obstruct your ear canal which can affect your hearing.

There is no proven way to prevent ear wax build-up and we strongly advise against using cotton buds or inserting any objects in your ear canal. However, regular and ongoing professional maintenance of your ear canals is always recommended whether or not you experience hearing loss and especially if you are prone to repeated wax impaction or wear hearing aids. Watch this useful video on why you should never put cotton buds in your ears.

Another common cause of obstruction to the ear canal is when tiny objects get stuck in the ear eg: small insects, a small earring, food particles, cotton swabs from ear-buds. In the case of children, it is not uncommon to find tiny toys, crayon and beads that have become lodged in the ear canal. If left untreated, foreign objects in the ear canal can cause pain, discomfort, bleeding, infection and eventual hearing loss.

If you currently use hearing aids‘ wax accumulation and the presence of foreign bodies in the ear canal can interfere with the overall quality of sound and reduce your perceived benefit. Regular and ongoing maintenance of your ear canals is always advised especially if you use hearing devices.

At Cubex, we remove ear wax & foreign bodies from the ear by using a safe procedure called Micro Suction.

Our clinicians are highly skilled, efficient and have over 20 years of experience of working with the delicate ear canal to quickly and safely remove obstructions.

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What is Microsuction?

Micro-suction is a safe, comfortable and pain-free technique that involves the use of a binocular microscope or loupes providing a clear and magnified view of the ear canal.  This allows us to use fine low-pressure suction that safely removes any ear wax obstruction.

There are so many benefits of using the micro-suction over traditional ear wax removals methods such as syringing or ear irrigation that aim to remove wax blockages by squirting water into the ear canal and behind the blockage, in the hope that the water will build up enough pressure behind the blockage to push the wax out. There is no guarantee that the obstruction will be removed and these methods have many risks which you can learn more about here.

With microsuction, a thorough ear examination can be carried out to check for any perforations or middle ear infections, and the ear can be treated appropriately. This is much safer than with irrigation, where there is no way to examine the inner ear first, potentially causing more damage with the procedure.

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The Cubex Ear Health and Micro-suction clinic are carried out onsite at Cubex Audiology at our New Cavendish Street premises. The clinic is led by Audiologist and dedicated Aural Care Specialist, Raúl Garcia-Medina who has been providing clinical audiological services and ear care, including aural micro-suction (ear wax removal), for the past 20 years.

Our Ear Health and Micro-suction Clinic is open every;

* Monday 9am – 6pm
** After hours appointment times may be available upon request

please allow 30 minutes for the appointment.

EASTER OFFER – Get £15 off your ear wax removal appointment if you book before 12th April 2020 – see details below.

Due to the short duration of the appointment, we recommend arriving 10 minutes earlier to settle in. You are welcome to enjoy a cup of tea in the sitting room whilst filling out the necessary medical history form.

We operate a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we ask that you give us 48 hours’ notice so you can avoid the £60.00 cancellation fee.

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The Benefits of Microsuction Ear Wax Removal


The Fee

Wax removal for one or both ears: £85.00
Foreign body removal for one or both ears: £100.00

SPECIAL OFFER – We are offering our leading microsuction ear wax removal appointments for just £70 if booked before 12th April 2020 – that’s £15 off ear wax removal for one or both ears. Please mention this offer when booking.

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*Every weekday except bank holidays **Subject to availability

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