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Cubex Hearing Healthcare Plan


Hassle Free…

Cubex was the first Hearing Care Provider in the UK to introduce an inclusive hearing healthcare monthly payment plan.

The comprehensive 3 year plan:

  • Initial ‘real world’ diagnostic assessment
  • Fitting, personalisation and optimisation of appropriate daily wear hearing instruments
  • “Brain training” for improved listening
  • 3 year battery supply (2)
  • Product warranty including repairs and general maintenance (3)
  • Consultancy support throughout
  • Six-monthly hearing health checks
  • Upgrade option on plan completion

Staying ahead…

We belong to a world of rapid advancements. Innovation is continuous. Ongoing research and development leads to more breakthrough algorithms and technology that can provide true benefit and make hearing and communication easier and more natural.

At the end of the 36 month repayment period you may return your hearing aid system which may be used as a deposit for updated treatment technology.

The Cubex Hearing Healthcare Plan is designed to ensure that you always benefit from the most advanced treatment technology whilst also receiving unlimited and scientifically sound consultancy support. You can rest assured that your hearing is supported by the latest innovations and cutting edge hearing technology.

Please note:

The most appropriate treatment technology will be determined once you have undergone a full diagnostic hearing assessment at Cubex.

1. All daily wear hearing aids provided under the hearing plan come with a standard 3 year warranty.

2. You will be entitled to a 3-year supply of batteries which would normally not exceed 60 batteries per year for standard daily wear systems.

3. Any repairs or services within the warranty period are covered (excluding delivery charges). This does not however include accidental loss or damage to the hearing aids.

*Subject to status. Terms and conditions apply. For illustrative purposes, the cost of a hearing healthcare plan including a pair of hearing aids at £2,500; *deposit £250 and a **monthly fee of £74.94 per month inc interest (typical APR 12.9%), 36 months contract, total amount paid £2,947.84. Cubex’s Total Hearing Healthcare Plan is financed by Hitachi Capital Consumer Finance, 2 Apex View, Leeds, LS11 9BH. By signing up to this plan you will be entering into a three year Fixed-Sum Loan Agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

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