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Clinical Mindfulness All articles & news relating to clinical mindfulness, meditation and yoga in relation to the treatment of tinnitus-related-stress, and hearing loss treatment.



In Clinical Mindfulness

By Rosie Williams

The noticeable benefits of a corporate wellbeing programme

On 01, May 2018 | In Clinical Mindfulness | By Rosie Williams

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We enjoyed this article from the Corporate Wellness Magazine highlighting the benefits of introducing a corporate wellbeing programme into your workplace. The article highlights the following key benefits:

More energy

If a wellness programme is done well, sufficient sleep has a crucial role. If employees are sleeping well and looking after themselves, it should be noticeable how much more energy they appear to have at work.

More Productive

More energy, a healthier mind and feeling nourished will naturally lead to higher productivity levels at work. Most of us have felt the pressure of stress at least once in our working lives and have experienced how big an impact this has on our productivity levels.

Better teamwork and creativity

When your teams are looking after themselves and being looked after by their employer, they will have the ability to be more creative and work better as a team.

Higher employee engagement

Companies offering their employees health and wellness programs will generally have happier and engaged teams. Staff turnover should decrease as employee satisfaction increases and sickness should also decrease as employees get healthier and have less need for recovery time.

Read the full article about the benefits of offering a corporate wellness programme.

Corporate wellbeing at Cubex

At Cubex, we highly value corporate wellness because we know how much of our day is spent communicating and participating at work and how much of an impact our lifestyles and wellbeing can have on our hearing health, and vice versa. We also recognise that we spend the majority of our day at work and we too often forget to include time for our own personal wellbeing.

We place alot of emphasis on our patients cognitive wellbeing and we now offer a programme that is designed to help employers to do the same for themselves and their teams. Our corporate wellness programme is unique and effective, in that it incorporates audiological science and cognitive health with lifestyle practices which are proven to support overall wellbeing. We utilise our Cubex CALM programme to add value in corporate settings and workplaces.

Corporate wellness at Cubex  CALM programme

Find out more about about corporate wellness at Cubex and our new CALM programme.



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