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Widex Evoke RIC 10 – Hearing Has Evolved!

Widex Evoke RIC 10 hearing aids - woman enjoying relaxing

The latest technological innovation from Widex, EVOKE™ is the first hearing aid to feature advanced machine learning in real-time.

EVOKE™ is based on an entirely new chip platform and is the first product inspired by the Widex Real-Life Hearing™ philosophy. It is designed to meet the wearers listening intention in each specific moment of real-life, through a combination of personalisation and intelligent automation. (1)

The WIDEX EVOKE™ RIC 10 is the most recent and smallest solution from the EVOKE range. It is a hearing aid that is all about the wearer. It’s a highly advanced solution incorporating intelligent Real-Life learning, that strikes an elegant balance between subtlety and exclusivity. Light design lines, long battery life, and an incredibly natural sound aim to make you feel confident and empowered by your personal choice of hearing aid functionality, each and every day.

It comes with robust construction and it’s the preferred choice for those who do not want to compromise on sound quality and design.

Real-Life Hearing™

Hearing happens in real life, in specific moments and in real-time. Like everyone, people with hearing loss are exposed to a wide range of different sounds and at different levels. So we believe that it’s important to have a hearing aid that:

  • helps you hear soft sounds while making sure that loud sounds are not too uncomfortable
  • adapts and optimises itself seamlessly and instantly to the changing soundscape and the intent of the listener

The Widex Evoke is the first hearing aid to learn from a wearer’s personal preferences and adapt future listening experiences in real-time based on these preferences. It does so through a clever combination of advanced automation and in the moment personalisation.

Hearing in the moment

There are many advanced automation solutions available today that meet the wearer’s listening needs in many situations. However, without the capacity to personalise technology in real-time based on the listening intent of the wearer, there will be situations where automation cannot meet the expectations of the wearer. In the new EVOKE™, the intelligent combination of in the moment personalisation and automation makes it possible to meet the listening intent of the wearer in all of life’s moments.


Evokes personalization capacity is delivered by SoundSense Learn, *a real-time machine-learning algorithm that quickly and intuitively optimises hearing aid parameters to meet the listening intent of the user. This means that every time every-time you use EVOKE, it evolves.

It also utilizes a built-in SoundSense Adapt technology which remembers all the personal changes you make and intelligently applies them to similar situations – even if you’re in a completely new environment. Eventually, the instrument becomes so intuitive, that you forget you are wearing them.


The automation in EVOKE™ is driven by Fluid Sound Technology. It consist of a Fluid Sound Analyzer which automatically categorizes the acoustic environment and incorporates large numbers of commonly encountered listening environments with a variety of different sound classes including: Quiet, Urban, Transport, and Party with and without speech, an updated categorization of music into Classical or Contemporary, Social sound class, which bridges the gap between the Party and Quiet sound classes with settings optimized for small gatherings.

In turn, a Fluid Sound Controller has access to more hearing aid parameters than ever before when it automatically optimises the technology to meet the listening intent of the wearer. (1)

A recent multinational survey was conducted to understand the benefits of this unique combination of automation and personalisation.


Researchers investigated wearers’ experiences of Widex EVOKE compared to their own hearing aids in a range of situations. (1) The survey showed significant advantages for WIDEX EVOKE™, with particularly large improvements for complex noisy situations, which are notoriously difficult for hearing aid users.(2-3) The survey also showed advantages of the SoundSense Learn technology, which uses real-time machine learning to allow the wearer to personalise sound in the moment.

According to the survey published in the Hearing Review, an especially strong point of the new WIDEX EVOKE™ hearing technology is performance in noisy situations, where 88% of wearers were more satisfied with EVOKE than with their existing hearing aids.

Noisy situations are both the most challenging and the most important areas for users, so with its improved performance in noise, EVOKE addresses exactly those situations that are most critical in real life. This very substantial increase in satisfaction in noisy situations—which goes up to 94% for users whose existing hearing aid was not a Widex model—is a strong argument for using EVOKE.

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Hearing like nature intended

With Widex EVOKE™, wearers can hear a full spectrum of sounds – from environmental sound, conversation, music, whispers to voices in a crowd. So you can hear the most natural sound possible whoever you are and wherever you are. Just like nature intended.

In every listening moment, EVOKE RIC 10 recognises the sound and classifies it accordingly. That way it knows how to help you hear what you want to hear in each moment – clearly and naturally.

EVOKE even knows the difference between classical and R&B music. How a meeting sounds different than a dinner party. And it keeps up with you indoors and out – mapping your environment and optimising accordingly. This is all down to its intelligent combination and fine balance between advanced automation and in real-time personalisation that performs across all of your real-life listening situations.

Even though EVOKE RIC 10 consist of so much advanced processing, it manages to have a powerful long-lasting battery and a small but strong mechanical design so you can feel confident in this tough yet discreet little machine.

Personalised and optimised for each individual

At Cubex, we know that your listening experiences evolve in real life, real-time and in the moment. Nothing is predictable. The soundscape is always changing just like your perception of sound and cognition changes. For this reason, we ensure that all hearing aid technology recommended by us are personalised and optimised to your hearing, your cognitive function, your personal perception of sound, your communication and listening ability and your social network. This is essential to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit possible from your hearing technology in real life.

EVOKE technology is driven by this real-life philosophy. It is incredibly intuitive and the process of personalisation that begins in our consulting room continues outside the clinic, in your real world as the instrument keeps learning from you as you use it in your real life, so you hear sound that is perfect for you.

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Widex Evoke & CROS for one-sided hearing loss

In addition to the RIC 10, Evoke technology is available in a wider range of styles to suit a variety of hearing abilities and ears.

Evoke is also compatible with Widex CROS technology allowing people with one-sided hearing loss, or single-sided deafness (SSD) to benefit from the advanced functionality of Evoke technology.

Take a look at the full range in the video below or learn more about Widex CROS.

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We are very impressed with what we have seen from Widex Evoke hearing technology, but we want you to experience it for yourself. Get in touch to arrange a consultation and learn more about Widex Evoke.

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