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Widex EVOKE™ – The Worlds First Machine-Learning Hearing Aid

Widex Evoke hearing aids and app

Widex have announced the launch of Widex EVOKE™, the latest technological innovation from Widex, the first hearing aid to feature advanced machine learning in real time. EVOKE™ is based on their entirely new chip platform and is the first product inspired by the Widex Real-Life Hearing™ philosophy.

In real life and real time

Now, the quality of your hearing experience can evolve in real time and in real life, according to your own sound preferences.

Hearing happens in real life, in the moment and in real time, requiring the hearing aid to adapt and adjust seamlessly and instantly to the changing sound environment. Widex have introduced the first hearing aid to learn from a wearer’s preferences and adapt future listening experiences in real time.

This means that the wearer’s hearing can continue to evolve even after the initial in-clinic personalisation, and can continue to evolve for as long as the wearer continues to wear them.

Researchers at Widex also learn from the data generated by each wearer’s choices. This anonymous data is used to create more precise algorithms for firmware updates, so that EVOKE™ continues to benefit all wearers in their daily lives – moving the evolution toward better hearing from the lab into real life.


Putting you in control.

Widex EVOKE app in use outsisde

WIDEX EVOKE™ provides wearers with interactive options and intuitive controls to shape and improve their hearing and listening experience in real time.

The new SoundSense Technology in Widex EVOKE™ allows wearers to indicate their preferred hearing experience by tapping on the EVOKE™ app. The advanced processor uses machine learning to optimise the sound, making the hearing aid even smarter.

Using the SoundSense Learn feature in the EVOKE app, wearers easily make their own favourite hearing programs. They simply listen to two sound profiles provided when a new sound environment is detected and choose which one is preferred. The more times this is done, the more personalised the sound experience will become.

Wearers can even create their own standard sound programmes which can be saved and personalised for their favourite or frequently visited places.

Intelligent today.  Smarter tomorrow.

The powerful EVOKE™ processor then uses this data to deliver even better real-life sound, based on the wearer’s personal preferences when they need it, according to their sound environment. Even if a wearer visits a brand new location, the SoundSense Adapt technology will adjust the hearing aids according to the wearers preferences in historically similar environments.

Every time you interact with WIDEX EVOKE™, it improves. Say you personalise your listening experience at your favourite restaurant, for example. EVOKE™ will learn from that and Widex will use this anonymous data to keep updating the SoundSense Technology in EVOKE™, so that it gets even smarter as time passes. In other words, the intelligent EVOKE™ you wear today becomes even smarter tomorrow.

Widex Evoke in a noisy restaurant

The Widex EVOKE™ Range

The Evoke platform has a full line-up of hearing aid models, from in-the-ear, behind-the-ear models and newly-released RIC models. The models are available in a range of colours to suit every wearer, including a variety of subtle or more fashionable colours.

There are two apps available for the EVOKE™ hearing aids; the EVOKE app (available for the Fusion 2) and the TONELINK app (available for all EVOKE models except the EVOKE CIC-M). The EVOKE™ app works with Apple and Android devices but wearers will need to check compatibility with their technology prior to fitting.

Learn more about WIDEX EVOKE™ APP


Start improving tomorrow, today!

To learn more about the new Widex EVOKE™ or to arrange an initial consultation, please speak with the Cubex Concierge to make an appointment.

Unlike other hearing technology, the Widex EVOKE is designed to evolve with you and away from a lab, meaning that once you have your initial in-clinic personalisation, your hearing is in your hands!

Arrange a consultation  More about the WIDEX EVOKE™ APP




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