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Video: Why you should never put cotton buds in your ears

cubex ear hygiene wax removal

The production of ear wax is completely natural and is important for preventing dirt, dust and dead skin cells from entering your ear canal. However, if left to accumulate over time it can become impacted and obstruct your ear canal which may cause a hearing loss.

Whilst it is important to regularly remove a build-up of wax in the ear canal, we strongly advise against using cotton buds or inserting any objects into the ear canal. Instead, you should consider regular professional maintenance such as micro-suction which is a safe, comfortable and pain-free technique for removal wax build-up. This process allows us to apply a fine low-pressure suction which safely removes any wax obstruction. Find out more about ear hygiene and wax removal at Cubex.

Watch this video from Business Insider to find out why you shouldn’t put q-tips in your ears.






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