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Cubex Weekly TIP – This Week is Tinnitus Week

On 07, Feb 2018 | In Tinnitus, Weekly Tip | By Jerusha Shulberg


The British tinnitus Association (BTA) is a national charity that supports people living with tinnitus.  This week,  the BTA joined forces with the international tinnitus community to shine a light on tinnitus.

We are grateful to David Stockdale, Chief Executive of the BTA who spoke to Adam Shulberg about the deeper context of tinnitus, the myths surrounding it and management techniques and strategies to improve life quality.
David also shares some insight into recent studies that look at the societal costs of tinnitus and a recently published and promising study that explores mindfulness based cognitive therapy as a tool to help support people with tinnitus.


“There are certainly ways that people can regain the quality of life. Getting easy access to information and looking at tried and tested techniques to reduce the anxiety and the fight-or-flight response is key…”

David Stockdale,
Chief Executive of the British Tinnitus Association

The discussion is incredibly helpful and well worth a view and a share.
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Tinnitus is very common so you are not alone. However, we appreciate that for many, the presence of tinnitus can be very distressing and it can impact significantly on overall well-being. It is a highly individual and personal experience and everyone reacts and copes differently.
Unfortunately, people with distressing tinnitus are often told “There is nothing that can be done for your tinnitus – you will have to learn to live with it”. Statements like this are not helpful as there are many ways in which tinnitus can be managed.
Our Audiologists have been helping people overcome tinnitus and its intrusiveness on daily life for over 50 years. 
If your experience of tinnitus is impacting on your well-being and life quality, get in touch with us to arrange your Consultation & Discovery today.
Our team of professionals will work with you to develop a management plan that is best for you and help you along a path so that the tinnitus is less intrusive on your daily life and cognitive wellbeing.

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Mindfulness for Tinnitus
An economic evaluation of the cost of tinnitus management in the UK


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