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Weekly Tip Cubex weekly TIP with Senior Audiologist and Managing Director, Adam Shulberg.

Cubex Weekly TIP – Open Vs Closed Hearing Solutions



Hearing aids are highly sophisticated pieces of wearable technology that are designed to deliver high fidelity sound from the ear to the brain.

This week Adam Shulberg takes a closer look at the benefits of Open versus Closed styles of treatment technology.



This week Adam Shulberg takes a closer look at hearing aid styles that occlude the ear canal vs those that don’t.

….sometimes it’s not completely clear-cut as to what is going to be the most appropriate solution for you so it is worth discussing this with your audiologist”

– Adam Shulberg, Senior Audiologist and MD, Cubex

Watch this week’s TIP to learn more about different hearing aid styles.

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At Cubex, we aim to help people rediscover their hearing to stay socially connected and active in their communication world. This is best achieved with expert knowledge and guidance from our Audiologists, a thorough understanding of your cognitive hearing ability, a motivated patient and the most appropriate hearing technology and management plan.

In order to achieve even greater satisfaction with hearing aid technology, Cubex Audiologists address hearing loss according to the individual’s personal preferences and unique cognitive abilities. Our independence allows us to recommend hearing aid solutions that are most appropriate for you from a variety of leading labs.

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How hearing aids help keep the brain fit



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