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Cubex Weekly Tip // The Hearing Lab

Cubex Hearing Lab Microscope



Hearing aids are sophisticated, small, electronic devices that are exposed to a variety of conditions when sitting on or in the ear all day; every day. We encourage regular maintenance of your hearing aids and complementary solutions. However, there may be times when your devices may require professional attention.


We understand how much you rely on your hearing devices which is why we provide an in-house hearing lab service. However, on some occasions, your hearing aids may need the attention of an external lab.

– Wayne Chan, Patient Relations Manager, Cubex

Watch this week’s TIP to learn more about the hearing aid servicing process at Cubex with Patient Relations Manager, Wayne Chan.

To learn more the Cubex Hearing Lab, get in touch on or visit THE HEARING LAB HERE




Living with hearing loss is tiring and it affects our memory and ability to recall information. We need to use so much cognitive resource in order to hear that it leaves us with fewer resources for other functions and so, getting through the day can be very stressful, frustrating and isolating.

Our cognitive capacity is finite and at Cubex we have a real appreciation and understanding of how best to use our limited cognitive capacity as effectively as possible.

Strategies, tools, techniques and hearing technology used in our treatment and management plans aim to help you make the best use of your cognitive capacity so that you can do more and remember more information more with greater ease and less stress.

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