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Responding naturally with less mental effort

responding naturally with less mental effort electronic chip

Alta is built on Oticon’s powerful new Inium sound processing platform. Inium’s extended working memory facilitates power-efficient wireless binaural processing that enables the exchange of vital sound information between both ears for a more natural, authentic sound experience.

Watch a video explaining Oticon treatment technologies here

cubex responding naturally with less mental effort

Cognitive load explained…

Our goal is to improve your ability to perform in more difficult listening situations with less effort so that you can stay active and participate throughout the day.

cubex responding naturally with less mental effort diagram

The figure shows how energy for processing sound decreases faster during the day for people with hearing loss.


Active lifestyle & hearing loss.

cubex responding naturally with less mental effort diagram

The reduced energy at the end of the day makes any listening environment troublesome for the hearing impaired. This is where improvements must be made.


Reduce the effort required to listen and understand.

cubex responding naturally with less mental effort diagram

We need to help you improve your ability to perform all day.


The Benefit of keeping things Natural!

What our patients said about Alta’s effort reducing technology?

We asked our patients to compare their experience with Alta to their current premium instruments. The majority provided overwhelmingly positive feedback, particularly for ease of listening.

“Much clearer sound. Easier to follow conversation. Very noticeable sound quality improvement.”

“I can hear so much more, and in such detail.  I appear to have taken to wearing the aids without any problem whatsoever!”

“Seemed very natural – I almost forgot I had them.”

“Very clear – I did not have to move around the table to hear.”

“Before Alta, I have had to switch on subtitles when watching television – Now I didn’t need to!”

“It was a new experience but it felt natural quit quickly. I definitely wore the Alta longer than I would my current hearing aid.”

“Overall much easier – Enjoyed having conversation with people.”

cubex responding naturally with less mental effort diagram

Voice Direction:

For ability to determine voice direction, Alta scored 7.5 compared to 5.54

Spatial Separation: 

For ability to separate sounds in complex listening environments eg: a dinner party, Alta scored 7.88 compared to 5.69


For sound localisation Alta scored 8.72 compared to 6.88

For conversation in noise:

For following conversation in noise, Alta scored 7.5 compared to 5.69

Following conversation in groups:

For following conversation while ignoring other voices, Alta scored7.85 compared to 5.65

Cognative load:

Participants felt less mental exhaustion at the end of the day when using Alta than with their personal instruments, Alta scored 9 compared to 7.92

Listening Ease:

For ease of listening, Alta scored 8 compared to 6.2

9.62 would recommend Alta.


Alta is available in a range of styles. With the addition of the integrated Oticon ConnectLine system, Alta users can also connect easily and wirelessly to mobile and landline telephones, office phones, TVs, music, video chatting and streaming, and one-on-one communication.

Please contact us for more information about Alta, or to arrange a complimentary consultation with your Cubex Audiologist


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