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Widex Moment – The hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid

Widex Moment hearing aids

Widex have announced their latest innovation in hearing technology, the Widex Moment. Widex describe their latest hearing instrument as “the first hearing that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid”, describing the hearing aid as “the first in the industry to eliminate that ‘out of sync’ sound for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss”.

Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than the sound travelling directly through or around the hearing aid’s ear tip. According to Widex, many patients have described this experience as sounding ‘tinny’ or ‘artificial’, and their latest device is designed to eliminate that time delay and give the wearer a natural hearing experience.

A more natural sound experience

Widex PureSound™ technology utilises the Widex ZeroDelay ™ Accelerator, which reduces the processing speed between the microphone and receiver to below 0.5 milliseconds. This provides an ultra-fast signal pathway, which is designed to meet the classic Widex signal pathway at virtually the same time in the eardrum, giving a more natural sound experience.

Slim and discreet recharging

Widex Moment™ still comes with other important features which they know are increasingly important to hearing aid wearers – rechargeability and connectivity. The Widex Moment mRIC model is the smallest rechargeable lithium-ion receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market.

The Widex Moment charger is slim and simple, making recharging the hearing aids a simple and discreet part of everyday life, with no fiddly batteries.

Real-time connectivity

Widex Moment is compatible with the SoundSense Learn app – the world’s first machine-learning hearing technology. Widex SoundSense allows wearers to customise and improve their hearing experience in real-time whilst the technology optimises the sound. The app enables wearers to save multiple custom, fine-tuned sound profiles which can be switched to in real time depending on the sound environment, such as at work, on public transport or at a favourite restaurant. Learn more about SoundSense.

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Available in a variety of models and colours

WIDEX MOMENT™ is available in three Behind-the-ear models and three In-the-ear models, and in a choice of 13 colours, from natural colours to bright and bold – there is something to suit everyone.

Behind the Ear Models
Widex Moment range of behind-the-ear hearing aids BTE
In the Ear Models
Widex Moment range of in the ear hearing aids RIC


Learn more about each Widex Moment hearing aid on the Widex website.

Built to last

The Widex Moment is a hearing aid that is built to last. Being rechargeable removes the need for a battery door, meaning fewer gaps for moisture to hide in. Combined with a water-resistant nano coating, this leads to less potential for corrosion from moisture and therefore increased durability.

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If you would like to learn more about the latest hearing technology from Widex, or would like to arrange a consultation to see if this hearing aid is the right fit for you, get in touch with Cubex.

Please check our latest guidance on hearing consultations during Covid-19.

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