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Widex Moment hearing aids recognised with an award at CES 2021

Widex Moment hearing aids

Widex has been recognised by Digital Trends Media Group with a Tech for Change Award at CES 2021 for its Widex Moment hearing aids. Recipients of the award were selected based on innovations intended to make the world a better place.

“These intelligent devices go far beyond simply boosting speech perception, offering wearers a true-to-life sound experience that’s been elusive until now. We are honoured that Digital Trends Media Group recognised Widex Moment as an innovative, class-leading wearable and wellness device designed to make the world a better place through natural sound for all.”

– Søren Hvidberg Nielsen, president of Widex US

Widex has pioneered the use of artificial intelligence to create a more personalised sound experience, which in turn leads to higher wearer acceptance and usage.  Real-time listening has been improved by reducing the sound day from 7-10 milliseconds down to 0.5 milliseconds, resulting in the most natural hearing experience available.

Read the full story here  Learn more about Widex Moment



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