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Hearing Technology News & articles relating to hearing loss & audiology products.

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The Next Generation 
BrainHearingTM Techology, powered by the Inium Sense Platform.
Sound is one thing, making sense is another… At Cubex; we think brain first!


Ear Hearing

The conventional industry mind set is to compensate for damage in the ear. This is called ear hearing.

Ear hearing technology focuses primarily on making things audible and improving the speech in noise, which does benefit many people. However, hearing is a brain process and so, we must understand this arrangement in order to meet the many unique demands of each individual.

To do this we focus firstly on what the brain needs in order to make sense of the sound it receives from the ears. In other words, rather than focusing on sound at the ears, we think brain first.


Brain Hearing

For us, hearing care is not just about making sounds audible, it is also about reducing the mental effort used for communication and improving your ability to listen to and understand information.

The number-one complaint we receive from people experiencing hearing loss is their reduced ability to clearly understand speech, especially in challenging acoustic environments. Yet people’s ability to process information is traditionally tested with pure tones.

Cubex is one of the few audiology practices in the UK that considers the brain processes related to hearing. Rather than just relying on a tonal stimulus to understand a hearing loss, we also explore your ability to process speech both in quiet and in noise providing a much better ‘Real World’ perspective of your functional hearing.


Treatment technology

We use technology to assist us to unlock your individual hearing potential. Our goal is to ensure that you are able to perform all day by minimizing the amount of listening effort or “Brain Power” used. In order for you to make sense of sound, the brain needs to perform four key functions simultaneously, and so, we need to be able to support them continuously.

A ‘brain friendly’ hearing aid is one that will give you clear speech understanding, ensure you don’t feel tired at the end of the day and deliver sound that sounds natural to you.


The latest hearing aid from the Danish company Oticon, is driven with BrainHearing™ technologies.

These technologies are designed to deliver the right sounds to the brain so that four natural functions can be carried so you can make sense of sound with ease:

– orient different sounds, using both ears
– separate sounds to be able to focus on desired source
– focus on what’s important, using both ears
– recognise what each sound is and make sense of it


What we are enjoying most about the Alta 2 is its increased personalisation capacity which allows you to play a more active role in optimising the performance of your hearing aid according to your unique preferences and sound taste.

Alta 2 also provides fully integrated tinnitus treatment aimed at reducing the harshness of tinnitus experienced in the auditory brain. It provides an opportunity for those who experience severe tinnitus with hearing loss to benefit from amplification and experience relief at the same time – no additional devices needed.

To learn more about the most personal and brain friendly hearing technology yet, call us on 0207 935 5511 to arrange some time to have a chat with us.

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