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Hearing Technology News & articles relating to hearing loss & audiology products.

Oticon Opn Hearing Aids Delivers an Open Sound Experience for Wearers

With Oticon’s launch of Oticon Opn™, hearing aid treatment technology has taken a giant leap forward in favour of the end‐user.

Traditionally hearing aid technologies close down environmental sounds using tunnel directionality. Speech coming from the front is clear, while the rest of the sound environment is suppressed, limiting the brain of the context needed to make sense of sound.

With new, ground breaking technology from Oticon, the Oticon Opn™ quickly and precisely analyses the soundscape and differentiates between environmental and foreground sounds. Even in complex listening environments, Otion Opn™ can open up and balance individual sounds allowing environmental noise to be accessible but not disruptive, empowering the brain to choose which sound to focus on. Directionality as we know it, has become a thing of the past.

“This is a major step forward in technology and end‐user benefits. With Oticon Opn™, we have created a paradigm shift by overcoming a challenge that even the most advanced solutions of today haven’t been able to solve, namely the ability to handle noisy environments with multiple people speaking. In our commitment to People First, we have created the world’s best hearing aid, which every hearing impaired person should have to be able to interact actively in even the noisiest sound environments. This launch confirms Oticon’s position as the innovative industry leader in hearing care technology and audiology,” says Søren Nielsen, President of Oticon.


Cubex-Oticon-OPN-Article-Stat-20%Less listening effort Reducing the cognitive load on the brain. 
Cubex-Oticon-OPN-Article-Stat-20%More brain capacity To remember conversations. 
Cubex-Oticon-OPN-Article-Stat-20%Better speech understandingEven in noisy soundscapes. 


Significantly better speech understanding of multiple speakers in noise


With this new hearing aid, Oticon takes a fundamental step forward in improving speech understanding in complex environments while, at the same time, preserving the user’s mental energy.

In tests, Oticon Opn™ reduced the cognitive load on the brain and improved the ability to remember conversations. Using pupillometry, a recognised objective measure of how loaded the brain is, Oticon Opn™ users had – in testing – 20% less listening effort when trying to understand speech. Additional studies show that because Oticon Opn™ users have freed up brain capacity so that they remember 20% more of their conversation.

Preliminary data show that Oticon Opn™ provides a significant leap forward in improving speech understanding in situations with several competing speakers and background noise compared to Oticon’s previous premium hearing technology. This is evidence to the strength of the new OpenSound paradigm: The possibility to both provide full access to sounds in the environment and at the same time improve understanding. Even when deploying aggressive directionality and noise-reduction algorithms, current competing technologies cannot achieve both access and understanding.

Based on the ultra-fast and powerful Velox™ Platform

Oticon Opn™ is powered by the Velox™ platform, the latest BrainHearing solution from Oticon. Designed specifically for hearing aids, the Velox™ platform is a technological quantum leap forward. Velox™ allows Oticon Opn™ to analyse and process sound data 50x faster than their previous premium hearing aid, easily following rapid conversations with multiple speakers in a noisy environment.

Cubex-Oticon-OPN-Article-Icon-3Market-leading 64-band frequency resolution 
Cubex-Oticon-OPN-Article-Icon-2OpenSound Navigator™ Environmental Analyzer 
Cubex-Oticon-OPN-Article-Icon-1Processes data 50x faster than before (with Inium Sense) 

First dual-radio technology

Oticon Opn™ introduces TwinLink™, the world’s first dual‐wireless communication system in one hearing aid. This is an innovative first in the industry, enabling the best possible audiological performance. TwinLink™ has the benefits of streamer-free connectivity, high performing binaural communication as well as an ultra-low battery consumption.

The new Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) system in Oticon Opn™ is 200% faster than the previous Oticon premium hearing aid, allowing much faster binaural processing – a key user benefit. The direct streaming technology uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Smart for wireless streamer‐free communication, with the highest level of sound quality and wireless programming.

Developed specifically for hearing aids, this variant of Bluetooth Smart uses significantly less battery power when streaming to smartphones and other external devices. The free, downloadable Oticon ON App allows wearers to connect to smartphones and other external devices without a streamer.

Internet-connected hearing aid


Confirming Oticon’s innovative edge, Oticon Opn™ is the world’s first hearing aid that connects to the internet via the ‘If This Then That’ service ( Oticon Opn™ allows users to connect to a wide range of IFTTT-enabled devices used in everyday life, such as door bells, domestic lighting systems and a variety of home appliances, as they become available.

“With TwinLink™, Oticon Opn™ is the world’s first hearing aid combining the best of two worlds – a completely new Near Field system allowing much faster binaural processing and the best possible audiological performance combined with directly streaming 2.4 GHz technology. This makes Oticon Opn™ the leading hearing aid offering – second to none. Together with the ‘If This Then That’ service, Oticon Opn™ enables users to connect to a world of endless opportunities,” says Søren Nielsen, President of Oticon.


The new Oticon Opn™ premium hearing treatment technology is available in the popular discreet miniRITE™ style covering the widest variety of end‐user needs and is available at Cubex now.

To find out if Oticon Opn™ is suitable for your hearing and communication needs please get in touch with us to arrange your consultation.





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