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Introducing the world’s most powerful hearing aid – The New Oticon Xceed

Oticons most powerful hearing aids - Xceed floating above hand for product promotional shot


Oticon Xceed opens up a world of power with life-changing technology for people who experience severe-to-profound hearing loss

• Better speech clarity***
• Reduced listening effort
• Helps you remember more of what was just said

Tailored to the needs of power hearing aid wearers, the Oticon Xceed is based on extensive research, insights from hearing care professionals and decades of experience developing technology specifically for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. We are very excited to be sharing this innovative solution with you.

Oticon Xceed opens up a world of power with life-changing technology – watch the video



More power. More access to speech.


With Oticon Xceed the sound is so clear and detailed that I no longer have to rely fully on lip reading. – Steen, Oticon Xceed wearer


We know that for people who experience severe-to-profound hearing loss, every speech cue counts. You rely on your hearing aid technology to help you get through every day.

Traditional power hearing aids use technology that focuses on one speaker at a time giving the wearer access to the speaker in front of them only. This closes the wearer’s opportunity to access speech from all directions and may provide an unnatural listening experience.

Traditional Super Power Technology

Oticon Xceed’s radical approach to hearing care changes all of this and moves the wearer from a closed world to an open-world experience of sound. The groundbreaking and ultra-fast OpenSound Navigator constantly analyses, prioritises and preserves speech from all directions while reducing noise significantly. This gives the wearer more access to speech throughout the day with a 360° soundscape and consistent sound quality.

The Oticon Xceed provides access to more detailed speech without overloading the brain.***

Opening up to the world around you supports how the brain naturally works and makes it easier for the person to understand what is being said. The benefit is that the individual with hearing loss can feel and indeed be part of the conversation even with several people and remember more of what has just been said.***

OpenSound Navigator Technology


A radical new approach to handling feedback

Feedback is an annoying whistling, howling or static noise that usually occurs when you find yourself in dynamic situations, like when you hug your child or put the phone to your ear or even sit in a high-backed seat. The traditional answer to reducing this annoyance is to turn the power of the hearing aid down. The problem is that it also compromises access to speech and reduced speech understanding.

OpenSound Optimizer analyses the incoming sound at an astonishing 56,000 times per second and significantly prevents feedback before it happens.

The technology in Oticon Xceed handles feedback in a very different way. It prevents feedback from even happening so that the wearer can experience and enjoy a clear, stable, uncompromised speech signal throughout the day where howling is reduced significantly.

oticon xceed hearing aid - hugging someone with no feedback


Fast enough to support the brain

hearing loss and cognitive load

Because you hear with your brain, hearing aid technology needs to be fast enough to keep up with the brain.

BrainHearing technology in Oticon Xceed scans your surroundings 100 times per second. This gives you access to 360 degree sounds to support the way your brain naturally makes sense of sound.

Studies show the Xceed provides better speech clarity, less listening effort & proven BrainHearing benefits with up to:**

  • 10% improvement in speech clarity – allowing users to handle more noisy environments without compromising speech understanding***
  • 10% less listening effort – reducing the perceived burden of listening in noisy environments without closing down sound
  • 15% better short-term recall – enabling waerers to recognize words with more ease and make sense of the conversation in noisy environments

Behind the scenes of the BrainHearing research – Örebro University Hospital


Connect your everyday life

oticon xceed hearing aid - connect to smartphone

The Made for iPhone Oticon Xceed hearing aid connects wirelessly to any modern smartphone and gives you access to a wide range of accessories with direct streaming.

With 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy technology, Oticon Xceed connects to any modern smartphone and a wide range of accessories, empowering you to open up to a connected world.

Listen to music wirelessly, make hands-free phone calls and more.

  • In your home:Stream sound into your hearing aids from your TV, landline telephone, music player, tablet, computer or radio. Oticon’s TV Adapter streams the sound from a TV directly to the Xceed hearing aids
  • On the go:Sync with your mobile phone, turn your hearing aids into wireless headphones that you can control with the easy-to-use Oticon ON App
  • Remote control:The Oticon App can also be used to regulate volume, change programmes or to simply turn off your hearing aids with discretion.
  • The Oticon ON App:Access to the internet of things, HearingFitness technology and Open Sound Booster – which activates more noise reduction in complex listening situations.
  • ConnectClip:A discreet microphone system that connects wirelessly to Oticon Xceed to give you hands free calls, hands free calls, music streaming, a remote mic and a remote control

Learn more about connectivity with Oticon hearing solutions





Experience the world’s most powerful hearing aid

Based on Velox S™, Oticon’s most advanced platform ever, and available in two BTE styles – super-power and ultra power.

Get in touch with us at Cubex to learn more about the Oticon Xceed and to explore if this might be the solution for you.

Speak to a Cubex Audiologist >



* **Ng 2019, Oticon Whitepaper

*** Ability to handle 2 dB more noise translated into 10% improvement using SII. Ng 2019, Oticon Whitepaper



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