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5 tips to get the best from your rechargeable hearing aid battery

rechargable hearing aids being recharged

If you are a wearer of one of the fantastic rechargeable hearing aid solutions available from a variety of hearing technology developers such as Widex, Oticon & Phonak, you’ll want to look after your hearing aid technology as best you can to prolong their life and maximise their efficiency. We have put together a small checklist for you to follow to care for your rechargeable hearings aids properly.

1. Charging

Always fully charge the batteries, until the light in the charging dock is solid green – it takes approximately 7 hours.

2. Out of power

If the batteries are drained, and the hearing aids have switched off, never try to get more use by opening and closing the drawer. Either:

a. Place the hearing aids in the charging dock and ensure it is powered on.
b. Insert disposable batteries and keep the rechargeable batteries safe for
charging later.

3. Not in use

If you are not using your hearing aids for an extended period, take the batteries out.

Note: Avoid leaving the rechargeable batteries in the hearing aids with the battery drawers open as it will compromise the battery life.

4. Handling

Don’t keep the rechargeable batteries together with metal objects such as keys and coins.

5. Maintenance

Wipe off any moisture on the hearing aids or charging dock before charging using a soft tissue. Do not use rubbing alcohol or other chemical substances.


If you have any questions about providing the right care for your hearing aids or would like to find out more, please get in touch with us at Cubex, and we would be delighted to go through your options with you.

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