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Watch: Oticon More™ – Give Your Brain the Full Perspective

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Hosted by Adam Shulberg & Alison Stone

New research shows that our brains need access to the full sound scene to work as nature intended. The better the input from the full sound scene, the better the neural code and the better the brain performs.

The latest hearing technology from Oticon – Oticon More™ – is the world’s first hearing aid to give the brain the full perspective. This is thanks to a breakthrough in sound processing like nothing before – a highly intelligent Deep Neural Network (DNN).

We recently hosted 2 online sessions with Alison Stone, Audiological Scientist from Oticon UK. She was joined by our Senior Audiological Consultant, Adam Shulberg and a group of our highly valued patients to share insights into why giving your brain more relevant, precise and complete information matters.

Alison and Adam explored this new brain inspired hearing technology Oticon More™, it’s research and development and examined the life changing benefits it can bring to our health.

You can watch one of the sessions below.


Switching off, withdrawing and avoiding situations are all very effective coping strategies but this is extremely unhealthy and is a major influencer in cognitive decline



Oticon More™ strengthens neural function and has also been shown to reduce the impact of cognitive decline


About Alison Stone, Oticon

Alison is an Audiological Scientist and national Training Manager for Oticon UK. She has a passion for teaching, and is continually inspired by the life-changing impact of developments in hearing technology.

Alison’s journey in Audiology began with an honours degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her clinical roles have included audiology at a government community health centre, private hearing aids dispensing, and electrophysiological & vestibular diagnostics.

She joined Oticon South Africa in 2005 and in 2008 she joined Oticon UK where she currently leads all training and education activities.

Get the full perspective here – Oticon More


Oticon More™ delivers 30% more sound to the brain and makes sounds up to 60% clearer



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