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How Cognitive Function is vital to the field of Audiology


We are excited to share our recent interview with The Marylebone Journal. Deputy Editor, Viel Richardson caught up with Cubex Audiologist, Jerusha Shulberg to talk about cognitive function and the reasons why it is vital to understand its role in audiology especially when treating hearing loss.

As there is currently no way to completely restore a persons hearing when they experience a sensory neural hearing loss, hearing technology is used as a means to deliver sound to the brain, but sometimes, patients may still find it difficult to navigate their auditory world and to communicate with ease. This is where understanding the cognitive component becomes crucial.

As Cubex Audiologists, we are mindful that in order for us to be able help individuals make positive lifestyle changes we need to build a cognitive reserve, improve hearing and strengthen the ability to communicate.

It is vital to understand not simply what you are hearing, but also how well you process the complex information our brain receives from our surroundings and so we have developed a relaxed and innovative way to truly understand a persons hearing ability and unique cognitive skill sets. This approach allows us to provide our patients with a real awareness of their current state of living and enables us to provide the best possible support and the greatest improvement in their communication skills.

Read the full article on The Marylebone Journal or get in touch with us to find out more.

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