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Invitation to take part in a hearing study at UCL Ear Institute

We need people who wear hearing aids to trial a new spatial speech test with our colleagues at the UCL Ear Institute in Kings Cross, London.

Often hearing aid users report difficulty hearing speech in noisy environments as well as identifying where the speech is coming from and the UCL Ear Institute have developed a new way of testing this to work towards improving the performance of hearing aid technology in these situations.

The test will take place at the UCL Ear Institute in Kings Cross, London, and involves identifying words in background noise as well as their location, while you wear your hearing aids. You would need to attend the UCL Ear Institute for one session which lasts around 1 -2 hours. Your travel expenses will be reimbursed and you will be paid £10 per hour as a token of our gratitude.

If you would like more information, have any questions or would like to sign up to the study then please get in touch here!


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