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Introducing Phonak Naida Marvel; the world’s first super power hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity

phonak naida marvel hearing aids - worlds first super power hearing aid with bluetooth

Phonak have announced the latest addition to the Phonak Marvel range, the Naída Marvel (M); a multifunctional hearing aid designed for people with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Featuring Marvel 2.0 technology, the Phonak Naída Marvel can connect to RogerDirect™ technology, and any Bluetooth-enabled device. According to Phonak, Naída Marvel is…

“the most powerful Super Power multifunctional hearing solution that allows people with severe-to-profound hearing loss to connect to everyone and everything around them.”.

Bluetooth connectivity

These super power hearing aids can connect to virtually any Bluetooth-enabled device including smartphones, TV, tablets and PC’s, without a compromise on the power and performance expected from a super power hearing aid.

With Marvel 2.0 technology, Naída Marvel allows the wearer to stream sound and use their hearing aids like a wireless headset, receiving the same power and sound quality they are used to, but now with better connectivity to other devices.

phonak life is on - bluetooth connectivity

Power over noise and distance with RogerDirect

Naída Marvel is fully integrated with RogerDirect, which means wearers can stream any of the Roger microphones directly to the hearing aids and be able to hear almost 10x better in noisy environments and over distance.

Connected apps

Another fantastic feature of the Naída Marvel is the myCall-to-Text app which can provide a live written transcript of a phone call when listened through the hearing aids, available in more than 80 languages. This is ideal for those who prefer to see visual captions when using the phone and takes some of the stress out of important calls.

Phonak Naída Marvel is controllable with the MyPhonak App, giving you control over your hearing aids, view the status of the connected hearing aids, battery charge and wear time statistics. You can also define and select programs for specific listening situations, such as at work, dinner parties, the theatre or at home.

Try Phonak Naída Marvel Yourself

If you want to learn more about these hearing aids, or any others in the Marvel range, get in touch with us at Cubex.

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