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Introducing Cubex @ Home – A Hybrid Hearing Healthcare Plan

Throughout the pandemic we have remained open and continued to deliver essential “in clinic” care for all clients and patients. Be assured that we are still here for you at our usual home on New Cavendish Street. If you need to see us in person for any essential care, e-mail or call to arrange an appropriately socially distanced appointment.

On the 21st February Boris Johnson revealed his four steps to easing England’s lockdown and announced that he hopes to be able to lift the majority of rules by 21st June, but until the 29th March we are all still being encouraged to “Stay at Home.”

We are pleased to introduce our Hybrid Hearing Healthcare Service, Cubex @Home delivering scientifically sound hearing healthcare to you, at home.

Cubex @Home – A hybrid hearing healthcare plan

For a very limited period, we will be offering Cubex @Home, a hybrid service for the provision of hearing healthcare that includes the latest Oticon More™ technology at up to 30% less than our “in-house” treatment plans. Cubex @Home hearing healthcare plans are available now until the 12th April 2021 when hospitality and non essential retail will re-open.

Cubex @Home will be delivered mostly remotely to ensure your safety. Each remote session will be prepared and run by a Cubex Audiologist.

While we are passionate about supporting people and their families face-to-face and value the personal contact, we are also sensitive to the delicate nature of our current collective context. We want to do everything we can to support our patients while also being considerate to the needs of the NHS and the wider public.

cubex@home 30% discount

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What would a typical 3 month hybrid plan look like?

We carry out the following over a 6 week period but this will depend on your experience with hearing instruments.

Stage 1: Remote Care (week 1) – Consultation & Discovery (1hr)
This session is dedicated to exploring the human, social & cognitive aspects related to the individual’s hearing ability. We explore key cognitive skills necessary for recalling missed words and consider how this might impact. In some situations, the primary significant other will be encouraged to also participate and complete a few exercises.
Stage 2: In Person “in clinic” (week 2) – Hearing Health Assessment (1 hr)
This will be carried out at Cubex in New Cavendish Street and will include an examination of your outer and middle ear, testing your hearing sensitivity & functional hearing ability. If you are suitable for Oticon More™ premium hearing technology then we will reserve this for you and run initial measurements & calibration of your new hearing technology and get it prepped for delivery to your home. If you are not suitable, we will prepare a full report of our findings in stages 1 & 2 above and a full refund will be provided less £250.
Stage 3: Remote Care (week 3) – Preparation for your Personalisation (15 min)
By now you will have received your personal hearing devices at home. We will meet with you online to make sure you have everything you need and prepare you for your personalisation session.
Stage 4: Remote Care (week 3) – Personalisation (1 hr)
We meet online to personalise your technology based on your hearing ability, cognitive function, personal preferences, social context and communication goals. Your Audiologits will introduce you to an Active Listening exercise and walk you through maintenance and general use of your new devices and any additional accessories.
Stage 5: Telephone call (week 4) -Check-in (15 minutes)
We will be in touch to see how you are progressing so far and answer questions so far.
Stage 6: Remote Care (week 5) – Optimisation (45 mins)
At this stage, you will have experienced your personalised devices first-hand. We begin exploring how you have engaged with your new experience. From here, we begin optimising your technology and work together to agree and establish the fine detail of your sound experience and preferences so that you may communicate with ease and confidence. The Active Listening task will form the basis of this Optimisation Session so it is important that you complete this as best you can before we “meet”. We will also re-visit earlier discussions, goals, perceptions and key thoughts from your Consultation & Discovery Session.
Stage 7: Remote Care (week 6) – Optimisation Session & onward care (30 mins)
By now, you will have a good handle on the performance of your personal devices in relation to your abilities. This session will focus on optimising your personal hearing devices further and consolidation of our sessions so far. We will decide if further sessions are required and set a date to meet again for your 3-month check in. Any sessions related to your hearing technology will be included in the hybrid hearing healthcare plan for up to 3-months. Sessions thereafter will be provided on a pay as you go basis.

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A Hybrid Hearing Healthcare Plan in summary


Cubex@ home hearing healthcare plan comparison

Cubex @HomeHybrid Hearing Healthcare Plan
(3 month plan) £4330.00*

What’s not included

Annual hearing health reviews, annual cognitive health checks, 6 month check in’s and any further consultations and optimisations are not included. Note: All consultations, reviews and health checks outside the 3 month Healthcare Plan will be chargeable.

Any additional Bluetooth accessories, rechargeable units, maintenance solutions, cognitive training, stress management, mindfulness training, hygiene and wax removal sessions are also not included.

If you are keen to participate in cognitive training either with or without coaching, this will be billed for separately.


How do secure my hybrid hearing healthcare plan?

From now until 12 April 2021, we have 10 hybrid hearing healthcare plans available.

*In order to secure your Cubex @Home plan we require payment in advance. However if you are not suitable for Oticon More™ technology (following stages 1 & 2) we will prepare a full report of our findings in stages and a full refund will be provided less £250.

Once payment has been made you will receive electronically or by mail your information pack including a selection of educational and support tools

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*Full payment is required at the beginning and before Stage 1. There will be no engagement in the plan until this has been received. This will secure your Cubex @Home hybrid plan and your hearing technology. If your Audiological results demonstrate unsuitability for Oticon More™ , we will retain £250 for stages 1 and 2 and a full report of these sessions will be made available to you.

The delivery of a hybrid service is currently limited to hearing healthcare plans that include premium Oticon More™ technology.


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