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How to use the Widex EVOKE™ and TONELINK App

Widex EVOKE app in use in restaurant

Widex have announced the launch of Widex EVOKE™, their latest technological innovation and the first hearing aid to feature advanced machine learning in real time. EVOKE™ is based on their entirely new chip platform and is the first product inspired by the Widex Real-Life Hearing™ philosophy.

With Widex EVOKE™ hearing aids, you can use one of two apps to control your hearing aids from your Android and Apple devices.

The TONELINK app covers key functions like changing programs, while the EVOKE app also features SoundSense Learn, which guides you to personalised hearing.

The TONELINK app is for all EVOKE models except the EVOKE CIC-M model and the EVOKE app is only for EVOKE F2 model (with the W button).

How to pair your Widex EVOKE hearing aids with an iPhone

Learn in a few easy steps how to pair your Widex EVOKE™ hearing aids with your iPhone using Bluetooth and MFI Hearing Device settings.


Basic functionalities in the Widex EVOKE app

Discover how to use the basic functionalities of the Widex EVOKE™ app, including volume adjustment, changing the directional focus, utilising the sound menu to adjust the pitch, left & right volumes and using the SoundSense Learn feature.


Pair with an Android phone

Watch this video to learn how to pair the Widex EVOKE™ app with your Android device.


Personalise experience with SoundSense Learn in the Widex EVOKE app

Watch this video to learn more about how to use the Widex EVOKE™ SoundSense Learn feature within the EVOKE™ app. Listen to sound profiles and choose your preferences to help the app learn your preferences for future listening environments. The more you use this feature, the better the app can be at personalising your sound experiences.


How to stream audio from Widex EVOKE app

Learn how to stream audio from the Widex EVOKE™ app so that you can have phone calls or listen to music directly through the EVOKE™ hearing aids. This feature also has a special Sound Mixer to allow you to personalise your audio streaming settings.


How to use the Widex Tonelink App

The Widex TONELINK app covers all of the key functions of the Widex EVOKE™ hearing aid such as changing programmes – learn more about how to use the basic functionalities of the app.


How to pair your hearing aids with the Widex TONELINK app

You will be guided through the pairing process when you first load the TONELINK app, but if you need to do a new pairing, watch this video on how to get started.

Get in touch

If you are keen to learn more about the Widex EVOKE hearing aids and would like a fitting consultation, please contact Cubex. To learn more about Widex EVOKE™ please read our news release, or alternatively contact the Cubex Concierge.


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