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Hearing Conversation with Saima This section of our news page is written by Dr Saima Rajasingam and has a straightforward purpose in mind; to promote conversation in the areas of hearing, cognition and technology, so we can continue to ensure that our care is truly tailored to your needs.  

Hearing Conversation with Saima

Saima Rajasingam Cubex sitting in the Cubex clinic

Welcome to Hearing Conversation with Saima!

Written by Cubex Senior Audiologist, Dr Saima Rajasingam (pictured), this news page is designed to promote conversation around topics that you would like to learn more about.

At Cubex, we have always valued the discussions we have with our patients. Your thoughts, ideas and experiences helped shape the treatment we provide today and motivates our innovative approach to hearing healthcare. This section of our website has a simple purpose in mind; to promote conversation in the areas of hearing, cognition and technology, so we can continue to ensure that our care is truly tailored to your needs.

So, on behalf of the Cubex team, here is a request – keep talking to us.

Let Dr Rajasingam know of any topics that would benefit you and your understanding of hearing health and technology. Please forward your thoughts to us.

For now, please enjoy Dr Rajasingam’s first news post in this series – ‘The Perpetual Student: How & Why We Keep Learning’

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Perpetual Student: How & Why We Keep Learning


Velox ears audiology

Happy New Year to all our Cubex friends & family, and welcome to my first post for 2019!

Along with my colleagues in the Cubex team, I have long enjoyed honest discussions with patients which often touch on topics outside of the audiological consultation – including my research interests (the role of the brain in hearing), innovation in hearing technology, and training for future audiologists. In this series of posts, I hope to address topics that we aren’t always able to fully explore within our consultations, and get your thoughts on topics including:
– Research updates & treatments for hearing loss
– Talking about hearing loss: who to tell and how
– Connectivity – the benefits and perils of being always connected
– Changing habits when it comes to ear-health
– Thinking beyond technology when it comes to hearing


“You don’t have a hearing loss, do you?”

Occasionally in consultations, I will reflect on my own experiences using a specific hearing technology, to the surprise of many patients. ‘Why? You don’t have a hearing loss, do you?’
No, I don’t have a hearing loss, but every member of our Cubex team (audiologist or not) uses technology across different brands –sometimes throughout a day in the clinic or when out in the evenings. This way we take a step towards understanding what it will be like for you to use this technology all day, every day.

So yes, I know that if we don’t get the fit right, hearing technology can pop out and falls to the floor… pretty stressful when in a social situation, frantically trying to find it! I will admit that when I take the technology out at the end of the day, it feels good to be ‘back to normal’. I am also the first person to raise concerns with technology; to note that a battery door is awkward to handle, or that the connection from my mobile phone drops. Sometimes I even say – “yes, this technology performs really, really, well”. It is for the same reason that any student undergoing clinical training with me, quickly learns to expect the question “Have you listened to the instrument yet?”


Beginning the conversation

It doesn’t matter how experienced an audiologist is – the nature of this role means that we are always learning – and that is what makes it exciting. I can never say “I know enough” because every experience of hearing & communication is unique. Only through involvement in education & collaboration with you, can we continue to deliver the best audiological care.
So, on behalf of the Cubex team, here is a request – keep talking to us. Let me know of any topics that would benefit you and other members the Cubex community. I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best


P.S. Look out for the next post…The ‘Human-ness of Hearing’


More about Dr Saima Rajasingam

Dr Rajasingam undertook her BSc (Hons.) in Audiology at the UCL Ear Institute where she was awarded student prizes for both academic and clinical excellence. Through working with patients, she grew to understand better the real-life, everyday implications of hearing loss.

Prior to joining Cubex in 2015, Saima worked in the NHS and taught students of Clinical Audiology. She began her PhD in Auditory Perception at Aston University (Birmingham) in 2012 and achieved her doctorate in 2016. Her research explores some of the ways in which the brain makes sense of the complex mass of sounds arriving at our ears. Saima has continued to remain involved in research and teaching as an Honorary Lecturer at the UCL Ear Institute, incorporating evidence-based practice into the clinical care we offer at Cubex.

What drew me to Cubex was the commitment to high quality, individually-tailored care coupled with innovative, scientifically-driven treatments. What resonated most with me was the sincere commitment to helping people engage effortlessly with those they love and the world around them. I aim to view each and every person who steps through the door with fresh eyes, as unique individuals, deserving of the best possible care.

Saima has maintained commitments within the voluntary sector for over a decade now. Specifically, within Audiology, she assisted with developing services in the Northern Province, Sri Lanka (2011 and 2013) providing basic training to staff and students at Jaffna Teaching Hospital. More generally, she has been involved in the Ending Loneliness Project, a voluntary movement addressing the increasing impact of loneliness on young and older adults in the UK, alongside her interests in global healthcare.


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