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Isolation, Hearing Loss & Cognitive Health with Adam and Jerusha Shulberg

Isolation, Hearing loss and cognitive health with adam and jerusha shulberg

With social distancing becoming a common term this year, it has forced many of us to experience some of the physical effects isolation can have on wellbeing. However, this can be a regular occurrence for those living with hearing difficulties. In a recent podcast with The Harley Street Edit, Adam and Jerusha Shulberg, Senior Audiologists from Cubex, spoke about some of the implications of hearing loss.

In this in-depth discussion with Podcaster, Shradha Nund, they explore several areas a hearing impairment can impact, including cognitive load, working memory, lack of stimulation and the deterioration in wellbeing from becoming socially isolated.

They explore the CALM technique co-founded by Jerusha in the latter part of the conversation – a program they designed to refine audiological health and enhance cognitive wellbeing.

  • Adam’s story
  • Jerusha’s story
  • What is hearing loss
  • Personalised care
  • Cognitive domaines and processing sound
  • The link between isolation and cognitive decline
  • Managing and coping strategies
  • Hearing loss and psychoacoustic disorders, and stress
  • Mindfulness to maintain audiological and cognitive wellbeing
  • The CALM program
  • Outcome measures and closing comments
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A regular show bringing to you world renowned medical and health care specialists discussing their expertise available in the Harley Street Medical Area.


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