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Hearing Technology News & articles relating to hearing loss & audiology products.

Give your brain the full perspective with the new Oticon More™

With a hearing aid designed to mimic the brain, you can finally get more out of life.

Hearing is thinking. Did you know that?

Your ears collect sound, but its your brain that understands it.  The brain’s role is to handle sound complexity, to hear, and to create meaning.

If your brain doesn’t get the complete sound information it needs, you’ll find it more difficult to understand what people are saying and what’s happening around you. In this way, a hearing problem becomes a brain problem, which turns into life problems.

Traditionally, hearing aids are designed to focus on speech information coming from in front of you which makes it easier to engage in forward facing communication. However,this prevents your brain from getting the complete sound information it needs. We are constantly engaging in complex, unpredictable sound scenes and the brain needs access to all the sounds we experience.

Research shows that a complete neural code is the foundation for the brain to work naturally. The hearing centre in the brain consists of two subsystems that work together on the neural code. They analyse the code and turn it into meaningful sounds which the brain can make sense of. The better input from the full sound scene, the better the neural code and the better the brain performs.

For many years, Oticon’s BrainHearing™ philosophy has formed the foundation of all their treatment technology, getting us closer to helping you experience effortless and natural hearing. This year, the launch of Oticon More™ represents a quantum leap in sound scene processing. Oticon More™ is designed to work more like the brain, because it learned through experience and we are excited to be working with this technology.

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A Deep Neural Network trained for real-life

Here’s the secret inside Oticon More™ – it’s a Deep Neural Network (DNN) trained on 12 million real-life sound scenes.

What is a Deep Neural Network?

Oticon More™ is the world’s first hearing aid to give the brain the full perspective.

This is thanks to a breakthrough in hearing aid technology like nothing before – a highly intelligent Deep Neural Network (DNN).

Until now, sound processing systems in hearing aids have been designed using theoretical models and man-made hypotheses of how to best enhance speech in complex listening environments.

Oticon More™ hearing aids debut a new hearing treatment technology – the Deep Neural Network (DNN) – that mimics the way the brain functions.

Why train a DNN?

Oticon have trained the Deep Neural Network (DNN) with 12 million real-life sound scenes.

The DNN has learned to recognize all types of sounds, their details, and how they should ideally sound. It also differentiates speech from other sounds, including the way both speech and noise spread across frequency and over time. It is so much more than a standard artificial intelligence software. It’s a unique and dedicated hearing aid technology, developed for real-time operation in everyday life.

With this integrated intelligence, Oticon More™ makes sounds more distinct, while working seamlessly across varying listening environments, protecting speech and reducing competing noise while processing a full sound scene – all in order to provide the brain with optimised input from all types of meaningful sound.



Oticon More™ is trained with 12 million real-life sound scenes

What does that mean for the wearer?

Combined with our unique cognitive based approach to managing hearing health, it means that we can personalise the hearing aid to support you in the most individual and specific way possible, delivering unparalleled sound precision, clarity and listening ease.

One of the amazing new technologies in Oticon More is a feature called MoreSound™ Intelligence which captures and optimizes sounds. This provides access to the complete sound scene, where individual sounds stand out in clear and precise contrast to each other.

It does this by scanning the full sound scene 500 times per second, resulting in a precise analysis of all sounds and the complexity of the listeners surroundings. It then applies the wearers personal listening preferences to establish a clear target for how to handle all varying sound scenes.

Once the sound scene is analyzed, MoreSound™ Intelligence precisely organizes the sounds around the listener, and then utilizes the DNN’s vast training from real life to process and create contrast between the identified sounds1. The result is a more natural representation of all sounds in a clear, complete, and balanced sound scene2.

Powered by the new Polaris™ platform

The Polaris platform is the backbone of Oticon More™ and is purpose-built for hearing aids. This focused approach allows it to constantly run a trained Deep Neural Network while powering all the hearing aid technologies in Oticon More™ with more speed, precision, and capacity than was ever possible before3. The Polaris platform provides 16 times more capacity, double the precision and twice the computation capacity and speed than previous chips.

Next Generation Connectivity

app for oticon more hearing aids


Oticon More™ offers a seamless experience for wearers who want to take advantage of today’s vast connected world.

The made for iPhone hearing aid features Bluetooth Low Energy technology which allows high-quality listening directly from iPhone, iPad® and Android™ devices.

Wearers are able to personalize their listening experience even further via a streaming equaliser found in the Oticon ON app.

Volume adjustment, program change, battery level checks can also be accessed via the App and also features a“Find my hearing aids” feature.

State-of-the-art rechargeability

oticon more rechargeable hearing aids


The discrete Oticon More™ mini RITE R is a rechargeable style that provides a full day of battery life* including streaming, after just three hours of charging.

Oticon More™ – an honoree in the CES 2021 Innovation Awards

oticon more CES innovation award winners


This year, the Consumer Electronics Association awarded Oticon More™ with honors in both the Health & Wellness and Wearable Technologies categories. This is the fifth consecutive year that Oticon has been recognized by the international awards program – learn more. 

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More Reading

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*Lithium-ion battery performance varies depending on hearing loss, lifestyle and streaming behaviour


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