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By Jerusha Shulberg

Cubex Weekly TIP – Improving your hearing can help you remember more.

On 24, May 2018 | In News, Weekly Tip | By Jerusha Shulberg



This week, Adam Shulberg is joined again by Alison Stone Audiologist & Training Manager for Oticon, a leading hearing technology company based in Denmark and part of the Eriksholm Research Centre.

There is no doubt that living with a reduction in hearing ability is tiring and it affects our memory. Everyday situations require more effort in order to follow and understand what is being said. The brain has to work much harder to”fill in the gaps” requiring use of more mental resource which leaves less capacity for other important functions. This effortfull and unbalanced distribution of our cognitive capacity can leave us feeling exhausted.

There is only a finite amount of capacity available in our brains for different tasks and if more of our capacity is used up for hearing and understanding there is less left over for remembering and recalling information.

– Alison Stone, Audiologist & Training Manager, Oticon UK

On this week’s TIP, Alison explores hearing, listening and memory and discusses a recent memory recall study which suggests that reducing the effort of communication increases memory capacity.

Watch this week’s TIP to learn more about hearing, listening and memory.




Living with hearing loss is tiring and it affects our memory and ability to recall information. We need to use so much cognitive resource in order to hear that it leaves us with fewer resources for other functions and so, getting through the day can be very stressful, frustrating and isolating.

Our cognitive capacity is finite and at Cubex we have a real appreciation and understanding of how best to use our limited cognitive capacity as effectively as possible.

Strategies, tools, techniques and hearing technology used in our treatment and management plans aim to help you make the best use of your cognitive capacity so that you can do more and remember more information more with greater ease and less stress.

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