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Cubex Weekly TIP // Hearing aids help us preserve memories and slows down cognitive decline.

Adam Shulberg weekly TIPS - how hearing aids can slow cognitive decline

On this week’s TIP, Adam Shulberg, discusses a recent study which demonstrates that hearing aid use may have a mitigating effect on trajectories of cognitive decline in later life.


It is well known that hearing loss disrupts cognitive function and impairs our capacity to handle and remember information. In July 2017, a report published in the Lancet suggested that hearing loss is one of the most modifiable risk factors associated with early onset of dementia. These findings heightened interest in the efficacy of using hearing aid technology to delay the adverse effects of hearing loss on cognition.

The negative effect of hearing loss on cognitive function can be reduced by 80% when people use hearing aid technology

– Adam Shulberg, Senior Audiologist & MD, Cubex

According to the study by Maharani, A., Dawes, P. et al (2018), treating hearing loss in its early stages may stem the worldwide rise of dementia. The study showed that after starting hearing aid use, the ability to remember what is heard is less impacted by ageing compared to before. The researchers went on to conclude that improving one’s ability to access and make sense of auditory information may delay the onset of cognitive decline *by preventing the adverse effects of auditory deprivation or facilitating lower levels of depression, greater social engagement and higher self-efficacy, which protect cognitive function.

Watch this week’s TIP to learn more!




The role of cognition in hearing is one that we cannot ignore.

Living with a reduced ability to hear is tiring, and it affects our memory and ability to recall information. We need to use so much cognitive capacity to understand information that it leaves us with fewer resources for other functions and thus, getting through the day can be very stressful, frustrating and isolating.

Our cognitive capacity is finite and at Cubex we have a real appreciation and understanding of how best to use our limited cognitive capacity as effectively as possible. Our assessments go beyond the ear and explore not just hearing, but cognitive function too. This allows us to create treatment and management plans that truly individualised. Strategies, tools, techniques and hearing technology used in our plans aim to help you make the best use of your unique cognitive capacity so that you can do more and remember more with greater ease and less stress.




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