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Cubex Weekly TIP // 5 tips to get the best from your rechargeable hearing aid battery

How to get the best from your rechargable hearing aid battery

On this week’s TIP, Senior Audiologist and MD at Cubex, Adam Shulberg shares 5 useful tips that you can follow to care for your rechargeable hearings aid technology.

It is important you look after it to prolong its life and to ensure that get the very best service from it.

– Adam Shulberg


If you are a wearer of one of the fantastic rechargeable hearing aid solutions available from a variety of hearing technology developers such as Oticon, Widex & Phonak, you’ll want to look after your hearing technology as best you can to prolong their life and maximise their efficiency.

Watch this week’s TIP to learn more or read our useful checklist!

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Many of the latest hearing aid solutions now have a hybrid battery drawer, meaning the wearer can change between traditional batteries or rechargeable batteries at any time!

New rechargeable hearing aid solutions can deliver 15-16 hours per day of battery life, even when watching 4 hours of TV and 1 hour of iPhone streaming. The batteries are capable of up to 19.5 hours of battery life without any streaming and fully recharge in the charging dock in just 7 hours. Should the wearer forget to charge their hearing aids, they can simply pop in some traditional batteries and continue with their day.


Benefits –

  • No need to open the battery draw and replace batteries every few days
  • Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying disposable batteries
  • Enjoy the flexibility of being able to use rechargeable or ordinary batteries – the choice is yours.

If you would like to find out if your hearing aid technology is compatible to be upgraded to a hybrid battery drawer, please get in touch with us at Cubex, and we would be delighted to go through your options with you.




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