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Clinical Mindfulness All articles & news relating to clinical mindfulness, meditation and yoga in relation to the treatment of tinnitus-related-stress, and hearing loss treatment.

Adam Shulberg presented at Just Breathe London’s Grand Gathering at the Shangri La

At the last Just Breathe London Grand Gathering, Mr Adam Shulberg, Managing Director and Senior Audiologist from Cubex spoke about hearing, cognition and the health precautions we should all consider now to ensure our long term cognitive well-being.

Cubex recently started the UK’s first Mindfulness Based Auditory Cognitive Treatment Pathway to support individuals experiencing reduced hearing ability, tinnitus and cognitive fatigue. In addition to bringing mindfulness into the clinical environment we also partnered with the UK’s first Modern Mindfulness & Mass Meditation community, Just Breathe London to create a space to breath & positively affect the cultural fabric and cognitive health of our city. It provides a place for community, connection & culture with the vision to create an oasis of space amidst London’s hustle and bustle.

At each event real world relevance of a mindful way of living is shared. At each and every Grand Gathering, our community of experts in the medical, health & well being sector share some wise words.


At the last Grand Gathering, Mr Adam Shulberg, Managing Director and Senior Audiologist from Cubex spoke to the Just Breathe London community about the hearing and cognitive health precautions we should all know about, before it’s too late.

Here is what Adam had to say…

*It is currently estimated that 47 million people are living with Dementia at the moment. By 2050, this number could reach 131 million people globally. Mid-life hearing loss is the major risk factor because reduced hearing ability denies people access to a cognitively rich environment and can lead to social isolation and depression.

As we lose hearing, we rely far more on our cognitive skills (memory, attention, processing speed, executive function) to make sense of the incomplete complex information our brain receives from our ears. The fact is, these cognitive skills start declining as early on as in our 20’s and so having to work harder to make sense of auditory information makes social interaction a highly stressful experience.

Stress is a major factor for people with hearing loss and it is also damaging for the brain as it inhibits growth of new neurons. However, the brain has the ability to change, also known as neuroplasticity.

Don’t have wait till it’s too late to make positive lifestyle changes and reduce the cognitive load.

3 steps to reduce cognitive stress, prevent hearing loss and reduce the risk of dementia

Have an awareness of your current state of living – It is vital to understand your current state of auditory cognitive well-being. It gives you a baseline from which you can make positive lifestyle changes and start the process of building a “cognitive reserve”, which means strengthening the brain’s networks so it can continue to function in later life.

Mindfulness and meditation – The act of mindfulness and regular practice of meditation promotes the relaxation response in the brain and has the potential to reverse the effects of stress and encourage new neural network connections and contributing to a healthier brain.

Hearing protection – We lead very noisy lifestyles and we are at risk of developing hearing loss due to Sociocusis. But this is preventable. Protect your hearing and long term cognitive health by using custom made protection solutions in environments that are hazardous to your hearing eg, the underground, gigs, concerts and anywhere else where sound levels are 80dB or more.

Read more about Auditory Cognition here


The Cubex team have been an active part of the Just Breathe community since the first! We hope that you can join us at the next gathering on NOVEMBER 20th, 2017 @ The Old Truman Brewery /// 7:00 – 9:30p. The gathering will be facilitated by Cubex Clinical Mindfulness Programs Facilitator, Michael James Wong.


*Nine lifestyle changes that can reduce dementia risk, including treating your hearing loss.






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