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Clinical Mindfulness All articles & news relating to clinical mindfulness, meditation and yoga in relation to the treatment of tinnitus-related-stress, and hearing loss treatment.

JUST BREATHE London – Mindfulness Meditation

A Mindful Movement

We live in a busy world & engaging in day-to-day life can be chaotic, stressful and exhausting. Especially if you experience hearing loss or tinnitus.

JUST BREATHE is the first modern mindfulness meditation community in the heart of the UK where people come together to create an oasis of space amidst the London hustle, and it’s about time.

The team at Cubex have taken time to join this mindful movement to find the space to sit and breathe and to find stillness among the chaos. The benefits we have experienced are enormous and so we would like to invite you to join us in supporting JUST BREATHE London’s next monthly gathering so that you too can experience the benefits.

The Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation for the Brain

Mindfulness meditation and focused breathing have been proven by a number of studies to both physically and psychologically improve brain health, particularly for those experiencing stress and suffering with pain, depression, anxiety or addiction. At Cubex, it is used to help reduce the negative psychological and cognitive effects of hearing loss, tinnitus, problems with balance, hearing loss and other hearing conditions. The cognitive benefits of practicing mindfulness is well documented. These benefits include:

  • Improved concentration
  • Sharper focus and improved attention
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Reduced anxiety, depression and stress
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Positive shifts in locus of control
  • Improved coping mechanisms
  • Increased energy levels
  • Production of the relaxation response



Just Breathe London

JUST BREATHE London is the beginning of a revolution. Founded by Modern Meditator, Global Yogi and Lifestyle Consultant, Michael James Wong JUST BREATHE is on a mindful mission to create calm in the city of London and beyond. With an aim to gather the masses, Wong’s vision is to create and cultivate a community of quiet.

Each event will start with music & an introduction to mindfulness & meditation. Throughout the event you’ll have the chance to connect with a like-minded community in London who are all there for the same reason. The night will culminate with a group meditation (20mins) to seal in the evening.

How to join the JUST BREATHE London community

Everyone is welcome and attendance is free or you can make a donation. Whether you’re brand new to meditation or have a regular daily practice, join JUST BREATHE London’s monthly gatherings as they create the space to meditate. This is a come-as-you-are event, no yoga pants required. We’re here to be still.

Come and participate in one of JUST BREATHE’S mindfulness events and see for yourself how things change for the better in such a short space of time.

For more information on the next gathering and to RSVP your seat, visit the JUST BREATHE website.




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