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Clinical Mindfulness All articles & news relating to clinical mindfulness, meditation and yoga in relation to the treatment of tinnitus-related-stress, and hearing loss treatment.

Introduction to ‘Brain Power’ Yoga at Cubex


Introduction to Brain Power Yoga – Beginners (90 min)

Brain Awareness Week Promotion – £125.00

Normally £150.00

As much as toning the body, yoga tones the mind. It forces you to discipline your mind into staying focussed on the mat – Henrietta Greene, Yoga Teacher at Cubex

Yoga is hugely beneficial at nurturing mindfulness, sharpening concentration and fine-tuning movements within the body. In doing so, the mind is ‘worked’, having to apply itself to accurately placing and sensing different body parts, as well as ‘cleared’ from being immersed in a mindful hour and half long practice.

How does ‘Brain Power’ Yoga work?

The first session starts with understanding you, your needs, your experience and physical capability.

This is followed by practicing physical yoga postures (asana) and challenging yourself both physically and mentally. How deep you go into asana will depend on your individual experience and abilities.

The final focus is the practice of mindful breath control(pranayama). Deep breathing, muscle relaxation and cultivating a positive outlook are essential tools for achieving a calmer state of mind and a happier brain.


What are the benefits private yoga at Cubex?

Expect a fully tailored experience, addressing your physical needs and capabilities, as well as undivided attention from an incredibly talented, graceful and inspiring yogini, Henrietta Greene.

To arrange your session, please call us on 0207 935 5511 or email us here.



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