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Charity Bike Ride 2017

Milano to Monaco! Help Adam Shulberg raise funds for two fantastic charities.

Cubex Adam Shulberg Charity Bike Ride


Milan to Monaco

Adam Shulberg is participating in the 2017 Quintessentially Foundation Bike Ride in partnership with Rapha Travel.


I was recently asked by a friend to participate in a long distance bike ride to raise funds for two amazing charities: The Miles Frost Fund in partnership with the British Heart Foundation and Resources for Autism.

It’s been a while since I was in the saddle, 12 years actually. For some reason I thought this might be good idea and trundled down to the garage to get my “light as air” BMC Carbon Road bike. Unfortunately someone had beaten me to it and all that was left was a pump. I was upset! Actually, upset is an understatement as this bike was special, designed and ridden by an ex Tour de France winner, it is irreplaceable but…..

Not to be completely undone I located my (not so light) 1996 Steel Condor bicycle, cleaned it up and took it for a ride. I could not understand why I ever stopped cycling. That feeling of freedom, wind in your hair is just irreplaceable. Pure pleasure, with just a bit of pain!


Cubex Adam Shulberg Charity Bike Ride

Now here I am, 3 months into my training and really excited to be cycling from Milan to Monaco at the end of June. 4 days, 500kms and a few hills along the way. 65 of us will be departing from Milan and with a fair wind and a lot of sweat, will arrive in Monaco 3rd July 2017.

And the great news is that you get to join me and help to raise funds and awareness for 2 amazing charities: The Miles Frost Fund and Resources for Autism.

Cubex Adam Shulberg Charity Bike Ride

Both charities are great causes which I am proud to be cycling for and I would be delighted and grateful if you could help me help them achieve their goal of £400,000.

And remember, no amount is too big 🙂

Thank you


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Cubex Adam Shulberg Charity Bike Ride



Resources for Autism provide practical services for children and adults with an autistic condition and for those who love and care for them. They offer ‘little and local’ services including specialist play and youth clubs, holiday play schemes, adult social and interest groups, arts therapies and home based support. Currently working with approximately 2,000 people in this, their 21st birthday year, they hope to raise enough money to increase support for 100 new young adults, in addition to maintaining and growing what they offer now.

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The Miles Frost Fund aims to raise £1.5 million to help make genetic testing available to all families affected by the deadly heart condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Miles Frost died suddenly of HCM in July 2015. Young, fit and in the prime of his life, Miles was just 31. In Miles’ memory, the Frost family have set up the Miles Frost Fund to raise money to stop more people going through the pain of losing a loved one to deadly heart conditions like HCM. Miles’ brother George will be joining us on the ride.

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Want to follow Adam’s journey? Stay in touch here



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