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Feel Brain Fit


Book your Brain Training Introduction Session and receive 6 months brain fitness coaching with our compliments.

Now just £120
Usual fee £150

Healthy Brains Learn, Change and Grow

Continually challenging ourselves both mentally and physically is exercise for the brain.

We use a variety of interactive computerized tools aimed at helping you strengthen attention and focus, improve memory and problem solving skills and teaching you how to conquer listening challenges.

The session is centred around understanding your individual abilities followed by an introduction to the training tools. The Audiologist will provide the guidance you need to meet your brain fitness goals. Thereafter, you can complete your brain fitness programme in the comfort of your own home.

The brain fitness routines are short and should be completed daily. We will monitor your progress and performance and be at hand to provide coaching, motivation and support as required and with our compliments for the 6 months.

How To Book Your Session

To book your session, simply call us on 0207 935 5511 or drop us an e-mail here.

*Offer valid until 18th March 2016*


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