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Tinnitus & Hyperacusis


Tinnitus is a perception of sounds generated by the nervous system of the ear and brain and is often described as ringing, humming, whistling or buzzing noises, tinnitus can be constant or periodic and vary in loudness.

Music exposure is a common factor that exacerbates tinnitus. If you experiencing tinnitus, we recommend testing your hearing as there is high correlation between hearing loss and tinnitus.

How we help you overcome tinnitus is also greatly influenced by whether or not you also experience difficulty with your hearing and/or hyperacusis.



Hyperacusis relates to a person’s intolerance of everyday sounds which to most people sound non-intrusive and normally loud. These sounds can be traffic noise, cutlery and crockery, clapping, doors closing or even loud speech. Sufferers of hyperacusis can find this intolerance extremely frustrating, painful and stressful.

Severe hyperacusis can result in people avoiding any public or social setting. 

A person may experience hyperacusis by itself or together with tinnitus. Professional support is encouraged in both cases.

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