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The energy of hearing

cubex the energy of hearing

The Hearing Brain

Listening, understanding and the ability to apply meaning to sound are processes of the brain.

Listening is the first communication skill we engage in the moment we are born. This is how we learn and develop spoken language. It is our ability to select information with attention and intent allowing us to focus on the information we find useful whilst filtering out noises in the environment. We then interpret or understand the information we receive followed by an appropriate reaction. This process is not as straight forward when hearing loss is present.

Hearing loss creates a barrier for successful communication , for example, If someone asks you for a ‘kiss’ and you respond by asking if they want ‘fish’, the communication process is incomplete. Misunderstanding words in sentences often results in requests for repetition and saying ‘Pardon?’ more frequently.

When hearing loss is present, participating in conversation requires more mental energy and resources or ‘brain power’ – also known as cognitive load. What was once an effortless connection to your world is now extremely difficult and exhausting.

We all experience a variety of communication situations over the day, some more challenging than others. As the day progresses, the mental exhaustion imposed by a hearing loss may be the reason many people shy away from the challenging communication situations like a social gathering or dinner at the pub.


Cognitive load explained

At Cubex, we aim to improve your ability to perform in more difficult listening situations with less effort so that you can stay active and participate throughout the day.

cubex cognitive load explained diagram

The figure shows how energy for processing sound decreases faster during the day for people with hearing loss.



Active lifestyle & hearing loss

cubex active lifestyle hearing loss diagram

The reduced energy at the end of the day makes any listening environment troublesome for the person with hearing loss. This is where improvements must be made.



Reduce the effort required to listen and understand

cubex reduce the effort diagram

We want to help you improve your ability to perform all day.

Here at Cubex we aim to help people to reduce the cognitive load caused by hearing loss. We use a combination of methods and treatment technologies across the full spectrum of audiology to create a bespoke treatment plan that is right for the individual. The right treatment will enable you to hear better and reduce the mental capacity required to make sense of conversation leaving you with more cognitive energy to participate throughout the day.

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