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Media solutions

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Feel free and connected

Whilst it important to help you access conversation and your environment, we also want to enable you to stay in touch with people, with information and with entertainment through the world of PC’s, mobile phones, smart phones, television and more.

We work with a series of hearing solutions that complement and help optimise your listening experience with your hearing aids, for more situations than you might have thought possible. We give you the freedom to connect to a wide variety of communication and entertainment applications to improve your listening and communication experiences, such as phone conversations, one-to-one conversation in noisy environments, watching TV with others, listening to music, video chatting, and more.

If these are areas of communication you want to participate in, you might want to consider hearing aids that offer wireless connectivity.


Transform your hearing devices into personal hands free headsets

How does it work?

Accessibility to external sources via hearing aids has been around for some time. Using short range radio signals, induction loop systems gave people access to audio in the cinema and microphones. Unfortunately this system came with many drawbacks. Signal fidelity was poor and speech was often unclear.

Today, accessibility takes on a whole new level. Hearing aids with built in wireless compatibility enables you to sync your hearing aids with all sorts of electronics and Bluetooth enabled devices providing a clear, consistent and reliable signal directly to your hearing aids.


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Easy access to TV

Receive clear and reliable audio from your TV directly to your hearing aids. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy watching TV w at your preferred volume whilst the rest if the family watches at level that is comfortable.


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Easy access to mobile phones
Stream calls directly into your hearing aids. The hands free capability of wireless hearing aids has a number of advantages especially whilst driving.

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Easy access to smart phones
Stream podcasts, digital radio, video calls from your smart phone directly to your hand free hearing aids.

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Easy access to the telephone
Hands free access to your landline means you can engage in conversation without ease. Some wireless connectivity systems allow a range of 30 metres so you can hear and answer a call from almost any room in the house – without having to go to the phone. Wireless access to digital office phones is easily achieved.

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Easy access to your PC and Tablet
Use your hearing aids to stay in touch with family via Skype, conduct business via video conferencing, watch a movie, listen to the latest news or unwind with some music.

Easy access to more…


Stay connected with the Oticon Opn™

Now your phone calls, favourite music, mobile and computer video chats, podcasts, TV, live performances and presentations can be streamed into your hearing devices and it can be controlled with your iPhone.

The Oticon Opn™ connects to the If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) service allowing users to connect to a wide range of enabled devices in every day life, including door bells, domestic lighting systems & home appliances. Now, the Oticon Opn™ can connect to any modern bluetooth-enabled smartphone, resulting in an the ultimate hearing aid for any aspect of modern life.


Connecting your Oticon Opn™ to the Internet

We have produced a guide with a complete set of videos explaining how to connect your Oticon Opn to various internet-enabled devices.


Widex EVOKE™ provides effortless communication as it’s ground-breaking processor learns your sound preferences in a range of environments and deliver a personalised listening experience into the future. This is the first hearing aid to feature advanced machine-learning technology in real-time. Every time you use the Widex EVOKE™ app – it improves and gets smarter as time goes on.


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