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Hearing connects

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Human Dynamics of Hearing Loss

Loss of sight disconnected me from things, but deafness disconnected me from people
Helen Keller

Hearing loss is more than a reduction in your ability to hear. It is a barrier to your world of communication. It affects you and the people with whom you communicate with regularly. In addition to understanding the physiological aspects, there are a range of psycho-social aspects that need to be considered when addressing hearing loss.

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You and Yours

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Quite often, it is our loved ones who suffer the most as a result of untreated hearing loss. These important people play a significant role at various points along your journey to better hearing. They pass through a wide range of feelings and experiences themselves on a journey that parallels yours.
It is important to understand how your loved ones are affected by hearing loss, and how they might influence your own journey. Understanding their perspective can facilitate and strengthen this communication partnership, resulting in better, more patient-centered care for you in your own environments.
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