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Hearing aids explained

cubex hearing aids explained

Digital Hearing aids are sophisticated electronic devices that are designed to deliver sound to the brain.

There is no such thing as one style for everyone.  Available in a variety of discreet styles and colours, there is a hearing aid to suit everyone.

  • Invisible

    invisible iic hearing aid


    A custom crafted style designed to hide discreetly inside your ear. There are no switches or buttons to control and it is designed to adapt automatically as sounds and places change, so that you can stay effortlessly active and confident all day, every day. Fitted inside your ear, an IIC has no impact on using headphones or telephones, how you do your hair or even wearing glasses. Removing it at night is simplified by the attachment of a thin transparent string.

    Discrete – Custom crafted

    Custom built hearing aids are designed specifically for your ears. These styles are suitable for certain hearing losses and are available in a variety of styles and skin tone colours.

    Some custom crafted solutions are designed using biometric calibration. Just like a fingerprint, every ear is unique. Even our left ear differs from our right. The distinctive characteristics of our ear anatomy has an influence on how sound is captured, directed towards the ear drum and converted into information that the brain can understand and therefore, by using biometric technology, we are now able to utilize biometric data to customize hearing aids to a specific individual.

    Learn more about Biometric Calibration for hearing aids here.
    Watch a video explaining the different shell types.

    cubex hearing aid custom crafted cic isolated


    A CIC (completely in the canal) are extremely small, custom crafted hearing aids that are designed to sit in the ear canal.

    cubex hearing aid custom crafted itc isolated


    ITC’s (In-the-Canal) are also designed to sit discretely in the ear canal

    cubex hearing aid custom crafted ite isolated


    (In-the-Ear) hearing aids are slightly larger than CIC’s and ITC’s. They are easier to handle and use a larger battery offering more power.

    Discrete – Receiver in the Ear

    cubex hearing aid discrete mini rite isolated

    Mini RITE (Receiver in the ear)

    Designed to be totally unnoticeable, mini RITE hearing aid styles deliver the most uncompromising performance whilst still being discrete challenging many “deep-in-the-ear” instruments. Solutions used at Cubex deliver the optimal combination of audiological features, binaural wireless capabilities and comfort. Mini RITE’s do not require any complex impressions or custom moulding work and are easier to maintain.

    cubex hearing aid discrete rite isolated

    RITE (Receiver in the ear)

    RITE hearing aids are slightly larger than Mini RITE’s but still extremely discreet.


    cubex hearing aid super power rite isolated

    Super Power RITE

    Super Power RITE hearing devices sit behind the ear and are suitable for severe to profound hearing losses. These powerful devices are comfortable to use and lets you hear speech clearly and naturally and with no distortion. They also deliver wireless capabilities so that you are able to access mobile phones, TV’s, PC’s etc via the hearing aid.


    Daily wear hearing aids are powered by batteries. There are four battery sizes. Each has its own colour code which is identifiable on the battery package. The size of battery depends on the style of the hearing aid.

    Cubes Hearing Aid Batteries Colour Guide

    How long do hearing aid batteries last?

    There are many factors that a­ffect how long a hearing aid battery lasts.
    Your individual hearing loss, usage time, humidity and instrument features are just a few of the things to take into account.

    There is no one answer that is going to work for all hearing aid wearers. The best way for you to understand the battery life that you can expect, is to benchmark your individual battery performance over time.

    We decided to share this useful fact sheet so that you can have a better understanding of the factors that affect hearing aid battery power.

    Download our Daily Wear hearing aid battery fact sheet here

    Mercury free batteries

    Previously hearing aid batteries have been exempt from the mercury free legislation. This legislation changed on the 1st October 2015 and hearing aid batteries must be mercury free.

    Cubex is a mercury free hearing aid battery supplier and are fully compliant with this legislation.

  • cubex hearing aid invisible lyric isolated


    Lyric is completely invisible and is the world’s first hearing aid which can be worn for extended periods of time. No one can see how well you can hear 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Find out more here

  • Implants

    Working with MED-EL, the world’s technology leader in the field of implantable hearing solutions, we are able to advise on the most suitable implant system for a range of hearing losses. For patients meeting the criteria for these innovative solutions we offer comprehensive pre-operative audiological assessments, post-operative audio processor fitting, and ongoing rehabilitation and support.

    All implantable solutions supported by us involve a day-surgery procedure performed under general or local anesthesia, at a London-based private hospital. In offering these solutions, Cubex are proud to partner with some of the UK’s most respected and experienced ENT surgeons.

    Vibrant Soundbridge

    The Vibrant Soundbridge is the world’s most successful middle ear implant system.

    Who can benefit from a Vibrant Soundbridge?

    The Vibrant Soundbridge is a successful alternative to conventional hearing aids, especially for patients who cannot wear them, either due to medical reasons or because the hearing aid does not provide sufficient benefit. The ear canal remains open making it an suitable option for suffers of ear canal inflammation.

    This ground-breaking and proven intact skin technology has been used since 1996 to provide a hearing solution to patients who have a mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss, or a conductive and mixed hearing loss.

    How does it work?

    Vibrant Soundbridge has only two components: an internal implant called the VORP (Vibrating Ossicular Prosthesis) and an audio processor (Amadè).

    The Amadè is worn externally on intact skin, held in place by a lightweight magnet, and can be worn discreetly under the hair.

    During a short, safe surgery, the internal implant is fitted entirely under the skin and connected to a small Floating Mass Transducer (FMT), which is attached to the structure of the middle ear. It is the FMT that converts sound signals from the Amadé audio processor into mechanical energy and vibrates the suitable vibratory structure in the middle ear. This imitates the natural movement of bones in the middle ear, delivering sound waves to the inner ear, and creating sound.

    What will it sound like?

    Because the natural movement of the middle ear is aided by the Vibrant Soundbridge, most patients describe a very natural hearing experience, being able to join in with conversations in busy restaurants, enjoy their favourite music again and experience sound to the full.


    Bonebridge™ is the world’s first intact skin active bone conduction hearing implant.

    Who can benefit from a Bonebridge?

    Bonebridge is ideal for patients who need a solution where they can just put it on and go, with no daily maintenance required.

    Patients from the age of 5 with a mild to moderate conductive loss and mixed hearing losses, or single sided deafness, can benefit from this award-winning innovative implant.

    How does it work?

    Bonebridge has only two components: an internal implant and an audio processor (Amadè BB).

    The Amadè is worn externally on intact skin, held in place by a lightweight magnet, and can be worn discreetly under the hair. It also sits off the ear so is ideal for customers who wear glasses.

    The implant is surgically fixed under the skin during a short, routine surgery. Bonebridge converts sound from the Amadé BB processor into minute mechanical vibrations that are conducted through the skull directly to the inner ear.

    This small processor is so lightweight that wearers find it comfortable to wear all day. Combined with the fact that Bonebridge is virtually a no-maintenance option, patients tell us their average time of daily wear is almost double that of other bone conduction devices.

  • As well as being able to access your communication environment through hearing aids, we also know that it is important to continue to enjoy staying connected with people, information and entertainment through devices such as mobile phones, televisions and home entertainment.

    We are able to recommend a comprehensive and easy-to-use range of wireless devices developed to improve your listening and communication experience and help you get the most out of your hearing aids. For example, you can stream the sound directly to your hearing aids when watching TV, chatting over FaceTime or Skype, listening to music and speaking to someone over your mobile phone music player, talk over the computer – like wearing wireless headphones.

    For maximum discretion and convenience, you can control your hearing aids with dedicated Apps or a remote control, connect to the Internet of Things and much more.

    You can learn more about internet connected and Made for iPhone hearing technology here.

    From wireless hearing aids through to ultrasound beam technology to enhance your home entertainment experience, we are able to offer both full-time and temporary hearing loss solutions. Read more…



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