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Cubex and the IDA Institute

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The IDA Institute

The Ida Institute is an independent, nonprofit institute located just north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The establishment of the Ida Institute was based on a grant from the Oticon Foundation and is named in honor of Mrs. Ida Demant, the wife of the founder. The Ida Institute strives to impart a more holistic understanding of the complex journey of hearing loss to better assist hearing care professionals and hearing impaired persons. The institute is organized around the concept of collaborative learning that enhances and facilitates exchange among thought leaders, scholars, practitioners, educators and professional advocacy groups.


The role of Cubex with IDA

Cubex has been an important part of the journey at the Ida Institute and we are committed to assisting the IDA institute with generating and providing innovative, practical and actionable knowledge.

Senior Audiologist and MD of Cubex, Mr. Adam Shulberg was one of the first hearing care professionals to participate in the international seminars and ethnographic filming. The Cubex Audiology team, have successfully incorporated treatment and tools for both the patient and their partners in our daily practice.

My view now is that it is absolutely necessary that we understand the human dynamics associated with hearing loss and we fully realise that hearing loss is a communication disorder that affects the patient and all of their communication partners.” Adam Shulberg

Before implementing new methods, we regularly engage in peer support, observation and reflective practice. The purpose of this is to identify areas of professional development and challenges and to enrich clinical practice by learning to reflect by watching others in similar situations. This has proven to be a powerful means to implement new methods in daily practice.

A recent IDA News article by Timothy Cooke said; ‘The ethnographic footage from the Cubex clinic has enabled audiologists around the world to reflect on their own practice. It has facilitated much discussion about how to understand patient motivation and how best to address it within the clinical setting. In addition, it has provided valuable material for the development of the e-Learning Lab on the IDA website.’

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