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Corporate Wellness

Cubex Corporate Wellbeing CALM Programme

The Cubex C.A.L.M. Corporate Wellbeing Program is a cognitive-based workplace wellness program that utilises lifestyle practices and clinical mindfulness techniques to support and enhance an individual’s personal & professional wellbeing.

What is CALM?

CALM is a 5-session workplace wellness program that is facilitated and lead by world class scientists, clinicians and experts in the health and wellbeing industry. The programme is facilitated in your workplace or place of business and can be carried out sequentially, weekly, or as per a schedule worked out between us.

Our corporate wellness programmes are structured for up to 30 participants.

Our approach is simple, we facilitate a CALM state of living through our 4-pillar approach;

C: Cognitive Wellbeing & Assessment

A: Audiological Awareness & Assessment

L: Lifestyle Practices, tools & techniques for living & working mindfully

M: Meditation & Clinical Mindfulness

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Why CALM and what are the benefits?

We utilise CALM in our workplace wellness programmes because it is beneficial for anyone seeking to enhance their capacity to respond to everyday demands efficiently, improve their cognitive well-being, and incorporate meditative practices into their personal and professional routine.

CALM, whilst a clinically-based wellness programme, will serve a real-world benefit for anyone interested in learning and finding out more about how to live with greater awareness.

By educating employees about the impact of cognition, audiological health and stress on our overall wellbeing, participants can understand how they apply their sensory mechanism in daily life, the functions of the mind and how this affects our ability to engage with information accurately.

The desired outcome of the Cubex CALM Corporate wellbeing programme is to equip employees with the tools they need to improve their ability to interact with the demands of work and life in general.

Participants are taught to harness a greater self-awareness which should lead to them feeling more energised and more resilient to changes in their environments.
In a challenging economic environment where employees are under an increasing level of pressure to improve productivity, it is important that we work on building up our resilience so that we are better placed to cope with the challenges we sometimes face.


CALM Corporate Wellbeing Program Breakdown

Session 1

Introduction and Program Overview

  • This session is a group session
  • This session is to share the overview and program outline
  • This session is 75mins

Session 2

Cognitive & Audiological Assessment

  • This session is indivualised and personalised
  • During this session, we test and assess the audiological and cognitive wellbeing of each participant.
  • At the end of the session, participants will have a deeper understanding of their personal state of hearing and cognitive function.
  • This session is 60 mins p/person.
  • This can be coordinated in-house at your business location and done consecutively, or this can be facilitated at the Cubex clinic, schedule pending

Session 3

Audiological Awareness & Introduction to Meditation

  • This session is a group session
  • This session focuses on lifestyle adjustment to enhance audiological and cognitive wellbeing at work and in the home environment.
  • We come to understand the skill sets used constantly in our daily life that help us to perform efficiently and effectively on a professional, social and personal level.
  • During the session, we provide an understanding of meditation in the context of the modern world. We discuss the benefits of starting a personal practice in the workplace and introduce a technique.
  • This session is 120 mins

Session 4

Lifestyle Practices

  • This session is a group session
  • This session focuses on empowering participants with a more solid, practical and theoretical understanding of the techniques and lifestyle concepts introduced in session 2.
  • During the session, we dive deeper into techniques and strategies that support our ability to meet the demands of daily life efficiently, effectively and mindfully.
  • We come to learn how to un-stress, ease anxiety and make meditation a daily habit.
  • This session is 90mins

Session 5

Meditation and Clinical Mindfulness

  • This session is a group session
  • We discuss the layers of the mind, how they function and drives our experiences.
  • We come to better understanding the meaning of wellbeing in the context of the modern world and how to respond to the demands of daily life effectively and cultivate a sustained stable sense of wellbeing and long-term cognitive health.
  • This session is 90mins

CALM Program


  • CALM is a 4 session program facilitated in your workplace or place of business
  • Can be facilitated sequentially, weekly or as scheduled
  • Lead by the Cubex Clinical Mindfulness team of experts and clinicians
  • CALM Corporate Wellness Program is structured for up to 30 participant

In addition to the teachings provided in the group programme, participants have the option of completing customised online training programmes that are designed to improve skillsets like working memory, attention and information processing speed.

The online training programmes are scientifically sound neurologically and audiologically and their relevance as both a rehabilitative and preventative measure is widely accepted.

Participant progress is monitored by a Cubex Audiologist who provides the coaching and motivation needed to complete the training.

This training is provided outside of the CALM group format and is delivered online on a one-to-one basis only.

Talk to Cubex about starting a CALM program in your workplace

Please speak to us to find out more about starting a CALM corporate wellbeing programme in your workplace or business today.

Talk to Cubex about starting CALM in your workplace >

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